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  1. Another vote for Sport Pistol, I'm shooting that now exclusively over n320. Also lube can contribute to smokiness, if you are going heavy or making home brew, try a test batch with very minimal lube and then wipe them down before shooting to compare on smoke if that was part of your issue.
  2. I'm very happy with ACME 124 for my CZ - I've loaded at least 60k w/o a hiccup. Vicki there is super nice / attentive. If you email and say Enos there is a forum discount. FYI if you go 'big' and order 30k, she'll let you choose another color for your batch (I've done both black and green before)
  3. FIT Best to try both and see "fit' More specifically, if you are Men's glove size "L", either gun will probably fit, see which you like best. (I'm "L", I still prefer gen 1 with with Scales 2.0 grips that increase the circumference a small amount, but its still much less than Gen 2. If you are mens "M" or smaller, you may prefer the smaller grip diameter of gen 1with thin grips (and look into both CZC or Cajun reach reduction kit). If you are XL or greater, gen 2 has more gun for you to get your bear paws on (more similar to Tanfo Stock 2 in size). WEIGHT Gen 1 after milling and deltapoint you are still several ounces under weight. I run the brass version of scales 2.0 grips and am still at least 1/2 ounce under weight. Gen 2 as noted above there's some work to make weight but now its pretty well documented the work needed.
  4. If you are someone who prefers a striker fired gun and the simplicity of the same trigger pull no matter what, the Q5 SF is very nice. If you've shot a 1911 and enjoy a nice trigger, the single action on a CZ is about as close as you'll get to that. Just have to live with a DA first pull as noted. I shot both guns this morning (with red dots, the CO versions). The Q5 SF had nice heft but felt lighter than my CZ (I'm also running brass grips). It did feel like more weight in the barrel / dustcover vs my CZ which wears it more in the grip. I think you could be happy with either, but the grip feel was different enough both guns that is probably worth finding folks locally that have, and trying it out to see which grip you prefer.
  5. We were able to do this sooner in CO ... just breaking the edge off the right side of the trigger guard has made it so much more comfortable to shoot - no more CZ knuckle on the side of my right middle finger. This eventually gets refinished but I'd shoot it just like this unfinished for the comfort.
  6. When I had my czechmates they ran minor PF just fine with stock springs. A friend locally uses his CM minor PF for 3gun that way. I left the comp on as a barrel weight. Between that, and the fact it's overall a very heavy all steel gun, I'd just let that weight be the recoil reduction vs trying to amp up the load (more/slower powder) and just enjoy it.
  7. trgt

    Shadow Sp-01 Grips

    That's a fact! I settled for awhile on VZ Diamond Backs (more aggressive/different than VZ Tactical Diamonds), loved the grip, but they are thin and I like a little extra for my large size hands. The Scales 2.0 are also aggressive, and they bulk out the size to the equivalent of a 2011 grip. As an option, they now do the scales in brass which bulks up my SP01 Shadow another 2 ounces for CO, that's what I run now.
  8. trgt


    SP-01 is on the roster yes - either dovetail/mill that for red dot, or get SP-01 Shadow upper from CZ Custom first ? . I know of a few completed CZ CO guns or uppers for sale NorCal if you want to buy one already done.
  9. "Normal" czechmate no longer lists extra barrel as being included at cz-usa. For awhile it was 2 extra barrels, then one extra barrel, and now it appears none.
  10. Yes, this was the only painful part of owning a SP01 Shadow/Accu LOL. Just recently finally took care of it. I removed the edge hand filing then removed scratches sandpaper -- no dremel. My CO accushadow not refinished yet, you can see where I knocked the edge off. Another of the CO SP01 shadows with same edge smoothing work after it was cerekoated.
  11. My first DP slide mounted optic, after I had it on / off a few times (for bottom mounted battery), I found it would no longer stay tight no matter what. Friend told me to try new screws, old ones might have lost their ability to stretch/hold, and that solved the issue. FYI as another thing to check in the future.
  12. trgt

    CZ CO Choices

    I started CO with the P09 when weight limit was initially 35 ounces, its very capable and made that weight. I switched to SP01 shadow when weight was bumped to 45 ounces because I preferred the heavier platform as well as what in my opinion is a better trigger. But wasn't an easy decision as P09 has excellent ergonomics, maybe better than SP01 Shadow. Either can easily be milled for a red dot.
  13. Would be interesting to see the cut w/o optic mounted, how it works with the firing pin channel With regard to a plate to go back to production, practically speaking I don't think many will do that. Just use a dovetail mount if you are putting toes in water or unsure, then mill when you dive in. At this point with scarcity of milled slide Tanfos for CO, I don't think there wouldn't be a problem quickly selling this and just getting stock slide if you wanted to go back :-)
  14. ... at 30k+ you can request the green color if you want -- copycat :-)
  15. FWIW I have the Scales 2.0 many CZs, am not a tradesman (not leather hands) and I do not get blisters from scales grips - they are fine. I find their width (patterened after STI 2011) to help keep pistol indexed straight vs thin CZ grips. Will be interesting to try these new ones to see if they have that same benefit, it looks like they might from their width.
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