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  1. I had the same problem with the light pin spring in my Shadow 2. I am running a 11.5# hammer spring. I went back to the factory pin spring and it lights of everything including CCI primers. No problems at all. I'm betting you'll be just fine with the factory spring. Also you might want to try the RAMI firing pin springs. They are lighter than the factory CZ 75 spring but not as light as the CGW light spring. I have also used those with no issues.
  2. I use a CGW 11.5# main spring, factory firing pin and factory pin spring. It lights off everything I put through it including CCI, Winchester and others.. I would NOT go any lighter than that for reliability without changing other things.
  3. Flyingpig

    CZ Shadow 2

    11.5 hammer spring (cajun) short reset (cajun) 13# recoil spring polish job light trigger return spring and floating trigger pin. had extended pin and light spring but went back to factory pin and spring with no issues. It sets off everything. All work done by myself. Had issues with the light pin spring and didn't feel comfortable with extended pin as it protruded past the pin hole and wasnt all the comfortable filing the pin down.
  4. A place to do some "real" live fire practice (not bulls-eye shooting at a static range) doesn't hurt . A few sessions at a range where you can draw, rapid fire, move etc. can improve your ability by leaps and bounds in a short period of time..
  5. Flyingpig

    3 Shadow 2s after a season of shooting

    Got mine in November as well. About 30k through the gun. So far a broken slide stop, and broke the nose of of my ejector. Everything else ran fine. Don't think I had a single ammo related malfunction all year. I'll be buying another Shadow 2 shortly. Great guns.
  6. +1 on lighter mainspring. Thats about all you can do. Well...that and a good polish job.
  7. Flyingpig

    Shadow 2: 30K breakdown maintenance

    Cgw light return spring. Haven't broke one of those yet. Correct on the slide stop though an a broken nose on the ejector.
  8. Flyingpig

    CZ shadow 2 Orange

    Its going to be a tricky proposition here in the US. If I can get a CZ Custom for less I'd be hard pressed not to. We shall see.
  9. Flyingpig

    Acme "new" 124gn 9mm: OAL?

    Where in my original post did I say anything about a "starting point" ? I've loaded about 4K of these so far for ONE gun (they have functioned just fine for this particular gun from 1.11 to 1.14). I was curious to see what other people are loading for their particular guns. Thats all. Was curious where the average might fall, and what others are doing. Again , lets not make this a lesson in safety or anything more than it actually is.
  10. Flyingpig

    Shadow 2: 30K breakdown maintenance

    Awesome run down! Now that I think of it I'm at more like 25k but thats still a lot of rounds. Thanks for the reply!
  11. Flyingpig

    P-01 Omega vs P-07

    The cajuns gonna have a much better trigger. I have a P-07 that I use as my carry gun. The only thing I've done with it is a complete polish job. No new parts. The trigger is well....."ok". But I love the gun. it shoots very accurately for me and is a great little gun and a workhorse. I may be a bit spoiled as I shoot a Shadow 2 (with a lot of work) in competition. If your a trigger nut I would go cajun otherwise the P-07 is a fantastic gun. One more thing to add. You wouldn't think so but I think the P-07 is less snappy.than the P-01
  12. Flyingpig

    What Power Factor should I be in?

    Buy a Shadow 2 and shoot production. Then get a couple of extended magazines for three gun. Problem solved.
  13. Flyingpig

    CZ shadow 2 Orange

    have you seen a price yet?
  14. Flyingpig

    CZ shadow 2 Orange

    Intersting. We shall see what the price is on these before I form an opinion.
  15. Flyingpig

    Shadow 2: 30K breakdown maintenance

    Well its that time of year. Figure its about time for a little maintenance. Since I got my S2 last November I've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 rounds down range. Over the course of the year I have replaced the slide stop(broken) , recoil spring,hammer spring, ejector (broken), and trigger return spring. I'm fixing to do a full breakdown and cleaning any time now and was wondering what parts might be a good idea to change out as long as I have the gun apart. I'm sure some of you have more rounds through yours. What might I want to think about replacing for next season? Thanks in advance.