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  1. I run and 11.5# with a plain ole factory firing pin with RAMI pin spring and it lights off everything. Actually both my S2s do. Same setup.
  2. So with this logic you would shoot a 4 yard bill drill differently than you would shoot a 7 yard bill drill? I would argue that top shooters would shoot them exactly the same which is by seeing their sights for both drills with the same splits (or very close to the same splits).
  3. How about .15 splits on 6 yard targets? How about .15 splits in general? Are you telling me that nobody sees their sights at .15 splits? I know A class shooters with .15 splits that see their sights.
  4. So at what distances would you say that top shooters start seeing/watching their sights? I'm curious as to when you think that top shooters might consider paying attention? At distances where you can blow pasters off the target I agree with your assumption. ANYTHING farther than that they are seeing their sights.
  5. I've never seen a top shooter shoot faster than they see their sights. Target focused or sight focused they are still seeing their sights i guarantee. Ask yourself a question. How can you call your shots if you don't see your sights?
  6. Flyingpig

    CZ Shadow 2

    I'd be willing to say that they could probably trade guns the morning of the match and neither would would hardly have any difference in there respective performances. All that stuff is a matter of taste and I predict the custom work would hardly make any difference in performance. Further more the worked on gun would barely have a double action of less than 7.5 pounds on a good day. Felt recoil with plus or minus pound springs is minimal at best. Again its a matter of taste. Custom guns aren't going to make a shooter at that level. For a C shooter who never shoots a double action it might make a slight difference
  7. Flyingpig

    CZ Shadow 2

    You're joking right? At the very least you're trolling us right?
  8. I had the same problem with the light pin spring in my Shadow 2. I am running a 11.5# hammer spring. I went back to the factory pin spring and it lights of everything including CCI primers. No problems at all. I'm betting you'll be just fine with the factory spring. Also you might want to try the RAMI firing pin springs. They are lighter than the factory CZ 75 spring but not as light as the CGW light spring. I have also used those with no issues.
  9. I use a CGW 11.5# main spring, factory firing pin and factory pin spring. It lights off everything I put through it including CCI, Winchester and others.. I would NOT go any lighter than that for reliability without changing other things.
  10. Flyingpig

    CZ Shadow 2

    11.5 hammer spring (cajun) short reset (cajun) 13# recoil spring polish job light trigger return spring and floating trigger pin. had extended pin and light spring but went back to factory pin and spring with no issues. It sets off everything. All work done by myself. Had issues with the light pin spring and didn't feel comfortable with extended pin as it protruded past the pin hole and wasnt all the comfortable filing the pin down.
  11. A place to do some "real" live fire practice (not bulls-eye shooting at a static range) doesn't hurt . A few sessions at a range where you can draw, rapid fire, move etc. can improve your ability by leaps and bounds in a short period of time..
  12. Got mine in November as well. About 30k through the gun. So far a broken slide stop, and broke the nose of of my ejector. Everything else ran fine. Don't think I had a single ammo related malfunction all year. I'll be buying another Shadow 2 shortly. Great guns.
  13. +1 on lighter mainspring. Thats about all you can do. Well...that and a good polish job.
  14. Cgw light return spring. Haven't broke one of those yet. Correct on the slide stop though an a broken nose on the ejector.
  15. Flyingpig

    CZ shadow 2 Orange

    Its going to be a tricky proposition here in the US. If I can get a CZ Custom for less I'd be hard pressed not to. We shall see.
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