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  1. Well can i secretly know if this is rust? 8k into cz in a month changing over brands seeing the rust doesnt make me happy...
  2. Well i picked up a new czechmate and the mags that came with that had the same dry orange-brown stuff on the inside of the mag. Can anyone else open up a mag and see if they have it, or am i loosing my mind?
  3. I did get it! And honestly i love it, problem is i now want a "beater" Czechmate to actually shoot(is that possible??) All joking aside i am headed to the range tomorrow with it. Very disapointed there was no second barrel. Also didnt like the fact it didnt come with a thumbrest for the optic mount.... it does come pre drilled and tapped for one? And as i posted in another thread, why do all these magazines appear to have rust inside?!
  4. I am almost starting to wonder if this is a very thin layer of cosmoline..
  5. Everything i have read is that the czechmate comes with 2 barrels, any idea why they only shipped mine with one? Is this possibly a running change?
  6. Well i dont now thats its mostly all cleaned up. Looks just like rust! But it was in my mags that came with my tso, and 4 other mags that were purchased at different times.
  7. I have searched, and havent found much, so i will just ask.. The orange rust looking stuff i keep cleaning out of factory cz mags.... is this rust, or some sort of factory coating??
  8. Mro111lland- neither have them in stock that i can see? Eerw pm will be inbound.
  9. As the title says, i have been searching for a Czechmate and can not seem to find one. Well i take that back, I have found one at a some what local gun shop, but they have let it start to rust inside the grip on the mainspring cover as well as the hammer.. BUMMER Admittedly I am new to CZs, but after aquiring a recent TSO I am hooked
  10. Well tonythetiger hell is about a quarter mile long. It includes only 3 buildings, 2 of which are bars!
  11. Hey everyone I am a long time lurker of the forum and decided to join! I live in Hell Michigan(not a joke) and have been shooting for about 10 years, 2 competitively. I enjoy IDPA and am new to 3gun. Happy to be here and learning!
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