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  1. As others have said - highly variable. Vortex Venoms and a Viper are my experience. I ran a 6 MOA Venom about 12,000 rounds (about 10,000 on an M&P CORE, and the last 2,000 on a Q5 MATCH SF) before it had to go back. New one on for about 1,000 rounds - so far so good. I had a 3 MOA Venom on a milled M&P Pro that lasted only about 300 rounds - the milling? the dot? Not sure - haven't shot it at all since. Had a 6 MOA Viper go about 4,000 before it croaked - new one now on my PCC and not getting much work, or much recoil when it does. If I were starting over, and money was no object - I'd buy two 5 MOA SROs. If money is a medium object - two DPPs. If money is a real object, two 6 MOA Vortex Venoms. Also depends how much, and what kind of shooting you want to do. Good shooting to you!
  2. Thanks for the link; I'll give it a try. Been having a few FTextract+eject issues too.
  3. I have been shooting an M&P CORE for a couple years, first in Prod, now in CO, and recently upgraded to a Q5 Match SF. The CORE is Apexed out (trigger, barrel) and is very accurate, 2.5 lb trigger, but it is 20,000 rounds old, and is now the backup. Mags with TTI extensions held 23. Runs flawlessly. The Walther is awesome, with plates that fit the array of red dots. I'm running Vortex Venoms, which I like a lot ( but have had to send one back for replacement @ 500 rounds, the other has maybe 10,000 on it, ymmv, but should have two). The Q5 with TTI extensions only loads to 21, so a two round hit there, but not really a big deal...gonna reload once on long courses anyway. The other obvious downside is price, for sure, but it doesn't need to be Apexed, and it runs great, EXCEPT won't lock back on empty with my 135 PF loads...but I've already screwed up if I've gone to slide lock, right? Good luck!
  4. If you have a little disposable income and want some GREAT, specific advice, check out the Practical Shooters Training Group https://www.practicalshootingtraininggroup.com/ . You will spend a few hours there and get more to think about and work with than you can imagine. Bottom line: time & effort. But this will make it smartly invested. And just to be clear I have no affiliation with the site - I'm just a slightly older version of you trying to get better.
  5. May be no greater compliment under that kind of stress on the the course of fire than "Great muzzle discipline "--well done!
  6. I was also struck by the toilet bowl Smith M&P CORE fell in into in Carry Optics. 2017:27%....2018: 5%. Comes with ignoring the competition sector while Sig and Walther do the opposite. Where are Julie Golob and Jerry Micelek when good old American S&W need them...or really, vice versa?
  7. What others said about crimp. My go to load for titegroup & 147 gr coated bullets in a 5" m&p pro is 3.2 gr, 1.13oal, resulting PF 135-138, flawless running. I bump to 3.8 gr for 124/125 bullets, and coated gives about 3 to 5 better power factor compared to plated.
  8. I load these to 1.135 (really ranges from about 1.128 to 1.14 with mixed brass). All shoot great out of m&p pro, shield, and my pcc. I get about 98% case guage in my Hundo, and the 2% still shoot.
  9. Same. I would double check with USPSA.
  10. Yeah. I shoot an M&P core in CO, 3 lb Apex trigger, Apex barrel, and I like it a lot. It is definately very accurate when I do my part (with noted investments). But P320s are a lot more common. The gun is NOT what is holding me back.
  11. I shoot M&P CORE using a Vortex Venom 6MOA. It has worked very well, holds zero after thousands of rounds, and has a relatively low cost of entry, and a forever warranty. Others have praised the Delta Point Pro, the new SIG Romeo on the P320. I did initially use a Vortex Viper, which has a nice profile on the CORE, but set screws to hold elev and windage adjustment are a pain. That now sits on my PCC. Both the venom and the viper had to be replaced once due to different failures, but Vortex made it pretty painless.
  12. Agreed the only way to know for your gun, your load etc., but my experience across an array of guns and loads is that I don't see much difference between 115s and 124s. "Discernable" might be better than I can shoot.
  13. Check this place out - https://ncshooters.com/ If you want to learn more about the guy who started the company go here: https://triangletactical.net/ Listen to the most recent podcast (and others too) - it's pretty good.
  14. I run a Vortex Viper on my PCC and Venom on CO- both 6 MOA, and both terrific. Did have a problem with the Viper holding zero, Vortex sent me a new one...awesome service.
  15. Right...only changed the internals. Same (crappy) hinged original trigger.
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