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  1. After reading does it seem possible to use in carry optics, weight looks to be to heavy and the slide is already scalloped. but if it could picks my interest.
  2. Never had issues with Caspian, I have STI but not Caspian, I have one open gun with 80 to 100 thousand rounds on the slide. that is still tight. 2 barrels and 5 compensators. Never had an issue with any I have owned.
  3. Agreed it sucks now, I have tried to watch but the breaks suck the car adjustments have made it boring as hell because no one can pass. Have not watched in years decided to watch, nothing else worth watching on TV, no more it sucks.
  4. 115 bullets sharper bite to your hand but less nuzzle flip, Heavy bullets are softer but feel sluggish with a little more muzzle flip. I could feel the slide movement it was so slow. But to shoot light bullets the barrel needs the proper rifling in the barrel to stabilize the bullets. Schumann barrels did build the barrels rifling for what weight you were going to shoot, Most of my experience is with open guns.
  5. Anyone have a picture of the aircooledracers comps I have never seen one of those. Just curious.
  6. Running a Cheely 5 ti comp no barrel holes works good but so does my 4 port EGW. I have tried dozens of comps and it all comes down to getting one and getting used to it and practicing because they all work about the same just depends on the what the individual likes. I personally do not like the heavy comps I cant seem to transition the gun as well.
  7. Just read on fakebook, on uspsa page that the Q5 SF is legal in production now, is that true.
  8. I swapped to hollow points for that reason or a solid base bullet. Might not be much per match but eventually builds up, just not worth the few cents difference for hollow points.
  9. I have had issues with the last bunch of Winchester I bought. Some miss fires but also noticed hard to load in my frankford primer filler with them getting stuck and some were hard to get in the Dillon primer tube, went back to CCI and no issues so far.
  10. If starting your draw from holster as per rule bla bla bla ( forget the number), with a CZ shadow 2 or shadow 1 in CO what is the rule for hammer. Just curious since I don't have one yet, Is the start hammer down or can the hammer be cocked at start. I looked a rules but did not quit understand.
  11. I shot a shorty I built for my son that I started shooting when he quit. Placed several matches with it. A friend shot it and said that was the most uncomfortable gun. It had several thousand rounds and needed a new barrel ,So I just built a full length gun and I never could get used to it. Went back to the Shorty, I can just shoot it better.
  12. mcattack


    Ok shot an sp01 at the end of the match yesterday and my hits were real good. Gun is heavier than I expected but it shot well. One more question what is the difference between sp01 or 02 and the tanfoglio pistols. Have not done any research on them and like I said I know nothing about these guns. Is one better than the other.
  13. I was at a man on man plate match and a friend said try shooting with both eyes open, so tried it and won the match and never used 1 eye again. My eyes are so bad now cant see the sights but still keep both eyes open to shoot. Mostly shoot open.
  14. I watched a 62 year old former Olympic champion shoot a .45 he rebuilt for me - 3/4 inch one handed, still have the target somewhere, he was unbelievable but I have never come close to it and I have tried and never seen anyone else do it. I am sure there are a few but not many. Wish I could shoot like that.
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