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  1. You should file your base pads. Just put a slight angle on the sides where they contact the magwell. Start with one mag and go slow. I had the same problem and now it's fixed.
  2. A friend of mine just had a kaboom on his 1050. He was loading 45 and thinks he got a small primer 45 mixed in with the large.
  3. Does anyone have contact info for stats? I'm missing a score for a stage. Great match by the way. Great squad. Thanks Jeff
  4. Kevin, How often are you processing applications? Every couple of days? Once a week? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I use the Mecgar 18 round magazines in all my 226 guns and never had a problem..
  6. I just decided to shoot revolver for the fall/winter. I am now starting to have second thoughts after seeing and the "convertable" revolvers with their tops down. Maybe I need to get away from Titegroup. Jeff
  7. Yes. You can angle the 3,4,5 mag pouches as long as they are behind your hip bone. Jeff
  8. Ardo, You will need to order the Wolff new style hammer spring. They are the short springs for Sig pistols with the plastic mainspring seats. 21 lbs is the factory standard. A 18 lb spring should will work consistantly in your gun with no light primer strikes. You can order one from Top Gun Suppy. The link to the spring is below. Wolff Spring Jeff Customer Service Top Gun Supply
  9. I also want to say thank you to everyone that volunteered for this match. Everyone was fantastic and the stages were great. It also great shooting with and against Matt Cheely. I shot 93% of Cheely. One of best matches He kept me on my toes. Here are my videos from the match....Thanks for watching....Jeff
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