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  1. I have 5 DPP and SO FAR none of them have given any issues. Hopefully it stays like that. I'm in the process of replacing all my C-mores.
  2. I will order some 124gr. projectiles tomorrow and give them.a try. I can't get the 147gr. projectiles to work for nothing. I guessing it's the bullet profile, or I hope so....
  3. If anyone is running a Lead Star with Blue Bullets I would like to know your OAL and what weight of projectile you're running. My 147 and 125 are sticking in the barrel. I tired my 147 to 1.115 and they stick as do my 125 at 1.135. I'm not sure how short I can load them safley. Thanks so much for any help.
  4. I have a JP GMR15 Lead Star PSA Beretta CX4 They all run perfect, I have not had any issue with any of them. If I had to pick one of the 4 it would be a Lead Star, sorry JP
  5. Where are you located? If local, your welcome to use mine
  6. I wish I could get my $28 back from watching it. Wait for it to be out on Redbox, then watch it.
  7. I am running a Nightforce NX8 on mine.its a 1-8 and so far it's been great. Every match people are asking me about it. I agree, buy once and cry once.
  8. I was gonna do the same exact thing. When I priced all the stuff out it it was a few hundred dollars from a complete Volquartsen. So I just ordered the Volquartsen and don't regret it one bit. In the picture is his and hers. Hers is a TacSol with complete Volquartsen trigger. The Volquartsen is much smoother than her TacSol.
  9. Yes, I looked there. They are $50, I was curious if someone had an extra one.
  10. Lol.... We shoot bowling pin matches with real bowling pins and they reuse their pins for several shoots and are shot to hell. In their matches you have to knock them completely off the table as well. And we shoot 9mm 147 grain projectiles with a PF of 130 and it does just fine knocking the off the table. Actually where we shoot 9mm rule and none of them are shooting major PF. Most shoot new factory 115 grain ammo and it works perfectly fine. Go shoot and have fun.
  11. I picked up a NX8 last week from opticplanet. I have not had much time to play with it yet. I did get 12% off of it with free 2 day shipping. Thanks to the savings on the discount; I was able to get a BOBRO mount and was still cheaper than the list price.
  12. Look up Bobro QD mounts. They are not cheap, but they account for minor pictanny differences. Bobro is what I use, I prefer them over the Larue QD mounts which are also very good. Good luck.
  13. My better half runs a Double Alpha for her DVC 3-gun.
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