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  1. I have 2 Leadstars and one JP GMR15 and all 3 run perfect with glock magazines. If I had to choose one it would be the Leadstar, sorry JP.
  2. If the tapped holes are messed up, I would just drill and tap the existing holes for helicoils.
  3. We use magwells and magazine butt plates extensions from SJC.
  4. I shoot a Volquartsen 22 and she shoots a Tacsol 22 with a Volquartsen trigger. For me, its Volquartsen pistols only.
  5. I ordered a JP GMR15 and it shoots great. Then I bought my better half a Leadstar and after shooting it, I bought me one as well. The JP is our back up PCC or a loaner if someone needs to borrow one. The JP was to heavier for her to shoot.
  6. I have a JP GMR15 and I was good with it, till I got my better have a Leadstar. I liked the weight of Leadsrar so much, that I got me one as well. The JP will be a good backup gun, if need be. When shooting them both I can't tell any difference between dot movement. The Leadstars are lighter and easier to move around with. She will not shoot the JP, due to the weight of it.
  7. I bought a complete extra primer system from Dillon. I just remove the 2 bolts and swap out the entire unit. It makes it easy going from small primers to larger primers. Then I made a stand for the extra primer system.
  8. I have 5 DPP and SO FAR none of them have given any issues. Hopefully it stays like that. I'm in the process of replacing all my C-mores.
  9. I will order some 124gr. projectiles tomorrow and give them.a try. I can't get the 147gr. projectiles to work for nothing. I guessing it's the bullet profile, or I hope so....
  10. If anyone is running a Lead Star with Blue Bullets I would like to know your OAL and what weight of projectile you're running. My 147 and 125 are sticking in the barrel. I tired my 147 to 1.115 and they stick as do my 125 at 1.135. I'm not sure how short I can load them safley. Thanks so much for any help.
  11. I have a JP GMR15 Lead Star PSA Beretta CX4 They all run perfect, I have not had any issue with any of them. If I had to pick one of the 4 it would be a Lead Star, sorry JP
  12. Where are you located? If local, your welcome to use mine
  13. I wish I could get my $28 back from watching it. Wait for it to be out on Redbox, then watch it.
  14. I am running a Nightforce NX8 on mine.its a 1-8 and so far it's been great. Every match people are asking me about it. I agree, buy once and cry once.
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