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  1. ardo

    "Sand" grips for the TS?

    The skateboard tape will stay on longer if you don't use aggressive cleaners, like brake cleaner, or remove grips while cleaning the pistol. Mine eventually start peeling off, but at about the same time the grip starts wearing off, so I need to replace the tape anyway. I clean my aluminium grips with alcohol and use a heat gun.
  2. Years ago, I tried a 9lb spring with my minor PF loads. Worked for 2 mags worth of ammo, then the slide stop broke. Have been running with 11lb spring since.
  3. I also have wide feet. Tried Salomon and switched to Innov8.
  4. ardo

    Easier way to clean CZs

    I picked up a Lyman 6000 ultrasonic about a month ago. parts come out practically spotless. Since I never disassemble my CZ fully, it is a great help. I don't plan on doing this more than 2-3 times a year though. Thanks for the Simple Green tip, didn't know one could use that in USonics. Normally, I just hose the field-stripped parts with non-chlorinated break cleaner, blow it off with compressed air, and oil. I also re-oil before each shooting session. BTW if you have fiber optic sights don't immerse them, they will eventually break from USonic action.
  5. Big thanks to Cha-Lee and Nimitz for a great 'refresher course' of what I should already know but keep forgetting, especially the part of establishing what acceptable sight picture is. I keep calling my shots all the time but most of these end up being missed calls...
  6. Go ahead & make fun of me if you think this is stupid - or too obvious... Training position entry in dry-fire, I just realized that, when moving downrange, I am more stable & can start shooting faster if I enter with my left foot and just gently bring my right foot in (I`m right-handed) while raising the pistol to eye level. Am I imagining things, or is this something every advanced shooter knows? When moving into position from the side, I lead with my left foot when moving left, and with my right foot when moving right. But I never thought this order would be important when moving forward. I still have to test this in live-fire.
  7. I struggle with barricade reloads too, like the ones you find on classifiers. I think (merely a hypothesis, I haven't tested to find out) it is because there is the wall right there that prevents me from having the gun out away from my body as much as I normally do. For the wall not to be a problem I think you need to stay away (about an arms-length) from it. This would give you the freedom you need during a reload. I think my issue is a combination of actions that must be crammed into a very short period of time: follow-through, reload while seeing the spot I'm moving to, press out while looking for the target to appear. Feels awkward.
  8. I almost stopped practicing standing reloads. I will do a couple of slow ones, just to make sure my strong-hand elbow is exactly where it needs to be, and that the grip is angled correctly. I would then start doing reloads while moving left/right/forward, trying to complete the reload in 1-2 steps.I practice this on both easy and hard position exits. I see the biggest gains here if the reload is done while accelerating to almost full-speed, if the reload is slowing one's movement down a lot, and takes 3-4 steps to complete, it is as bad as a standing reload. I also practice reloads when there's only one or two steps between positions, like shooting from behind a barricade on the left, doing a reload, and shooting from the right side. Somehow, this is challenging for me.
  9. I made the switch about 3 months ago, replacing my first 3 mags with Ghosts (bullet out) and keeping 2 Racers (bullets forward) at the back. I felt that the arm angle would be too awkward for the bullets out on the last two mags. For me, the biggest advantage of the Bullets Out setup is that I can run my index finger all the way to the mag lips - something I couldn't do on the 2nd and 3rd mag change with Bullets Forward.
  10. ardo

    SP-01 Shadow Shooting Low

    Thanks, I think this is the cheapest option to try, since I'd be needing both front and rear sights to go adjustable. May as well try filing down the sight I have first. Guys, thank you all for helping!
  11. ardo

    SP-01 Shadow Shooting Low

    Looks like you're right, and I'm IPSC Production rules don't allow after-market parts. This is not a CZ factory part, it is made by CZ Custom.Unless I am mistaken IPSC Production allows after market sights providing they don't require milling of the slide to install. Look around! Was thinking of getting an LPA adjustable rear that fits my 85b's dovetail. Appendix D4 17.2 Looks like you're right - and I'm mistaken... Thanks, I should read the rules once in a while!
  12. ardo

    SP-01 Shadow Shooting Low

    IPSC Production rules don't allow after-market parts. This is not a CZ factory part, it is made by CZ Custom.
  13. ardo

    SP-01 Shadow Shooting Low

    Thanks. I can barely see the target at 20 yards. 15 yards is my usual sighting distance, and even there my best groups are 2" freestyle. For some reason, I do better freestyle than from the bench rest. I was just comparing the two pistols at 10 yards, group size is about the same but the old one shoots low. I'd rather keep the same load I worked up for my primary Shadow. The rear sight can be adjusted for windage only, it's a tactical non-adjustable sight.
  14. I haven't shot this pistol in 2.5 years. It had a problem about 3 years ago, the sear cage became loose in the frame. By the time it was repaired, I got myself another Shadow, and haven't shot the original one until this past weekend. The gun shoots about 1.5" low at 10 yards. The front sight is 5.5mm, which is the shortest factory sight available AFAIK. I cannot put any after-market sights on it, I want to keep it IPSC Production-legal, to use as a backup gun. I'm thinking of filing the top of the front sight post down a little, are there any other options I should consider?
  15. I'm 57, with two back surgeries in my 20's and 30's. I spent most of my life on a couch in front of a TV - until I discovered IPSC 4 years ago. Took me almost this long to figure out that being out of shape is not the way to go, even if (when) I've mastered the fundamentals. Compared to younger folk, I'm much slower in everything I do in a field course. I've lost 15Lb (from 185 to 170, I'm 5'10") since New Year's. Moving around became a lot easier, and gave me a fighting chance. I'm still slower than young guys, just by a little less. This came at a price though: I'm often too aggressive, and have a mike - or two - or three in a match, so my actual placement is worse than last year. Too bad there isn't a weight loss program for ageing eyes...
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