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  1. My 9mm Pro as well as my .40 S&W and 45 ACP M&Ps do this reliably when inserting a full magazine or in the case of the Pro which is used for Production with ten rounds. It is a feature I very much like
  2. I have four M&Ps - 9mm Pro, 9mm full size, 40 S&W full size and a 45 full size. I prefer the 45 over the others simply because I can hit better with it. 9mm is actually my favorite caliber but for some odd reason I perform better with the 45.
  3. 550B and XL650 hopefully soon a 1050 will be added.
  4. I do this for fun and if I am getting rained on I am not having fun. To me this is a hobby, not a life style.
  5. From the looks of things they are not in a hurry to reissue passwords. No reply to several attempts to reset mine. My membership expires in January so I am sure I will hear from them when they want money.
  6. I have been using that temporary pin number for about four years.
  7. Control F can be used to bring up a search block on the website with the email addresses and user names.
  8. If the hackers have my password they are better off than I am, I do not have a clue what it was. This episode just reinforces my decision not to new next year.
  9. I feel the same way and I seriously doubt I will renew my membership in January when it comes due.
  10. Only two kinds of shooters in this - those that have DQ'ed and those that will.
  11. The instructor was either over confident or complacent and it cost him. Uzis ride up not down, he had his hand in the wrong place. When my nephew was younger I had no problem letting him shoot one of my Thompsons but the difference was I was always behind him and never let my hand leave the gun. The instructor in the AZ case should have never given the girl full control of the firearm. Even long time competitive shooters when I share a full auto with them I watch them like a hawk because the full auto world is something completely different to what they are used to.
  12. USPSA always retains the option - If ain't broke keep fixing it until it is.
  13. If it goes through the reloader it is good to go as far as I am concerned, never had a problem with any of it.
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