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  1. ChrisTSO

    CZ Tactical Blue

    Im not sure if they're still producing them or not but if you want one, there is one for sale on arms list.
  2. ChrisTSO

    Mag release cz ts

    The only issue i have ran into with mags getting hung up was when i would i change the angle of the pistol for the reload before hitting the mag release. As long as i don't forget to do that i don't have any issues.
  3. Ive got a tso and have handled the tanfo and i definitely like my tso a lot more. You cant go wrong with one.
  4. Are you shooting .40 or 9mm and what are you using for a recoil spring? Are you hand loading hot loads?
  5. He would be referring to a cz 75 tactical sport orange. And OP: how many rounds do you have through your weapon?
  6. Ive got a tso in 9mm and have ran 115gr to 147gr rounds. Fmj and HP's. Havnt had a single issue. It eats up everything.
  7. If a person already owns a tso do they allow a person to send it in and have this work done on it? Or do they only do builds with the pistols they already have?
  8. The bigger matches are more fun i think. You see a lot more in the stage designs than you do at most small local matches. I had only been to two local matches before i went to a big match and really once you get there you realize that its really no different than a local match. At the end of the day trigger time is trigger time.
  9. Cant go wrong with a glock or s&w in production or carry optics.
  10. I will take a look at it! I shot that match as well. I didnt do great but didnt do terrible either. I at least learn something after every match. Lol.
  11. I havnt thought about looking at a cabelas. Where are you at in nebraska?
  12. I know they run a little hotter i just didnt know if anyone had experimented with it yet.
  13. Ive got a cz 75 tso in a 9mm to shoot limited and I run factory winchester 124 gr fmj nato ammo through it and was wondering what would be the best recoil spring to run in it. The 11lb or the 13 lb? Any info would be great thank you!
  14. Im shooting the great plains sectional this weekend so hopefully i can talk someone into letting me handle their pistol.
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