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  1. classifier match went well considering gun broke the night before and I had to go back to the Trubor which hasnt been used in over a year... posted these %'s ~79 ~76 ~74 hopefully a nice 80+ this coming weekend ;D
  2. I worked fridays and weekends now :/ or I would... every weekend. I am however 70.15% B class now!
  3. if i could get 3 classfiers in i would but we're done for the year in this area... :/
  4. haha i was outa the country for 3weeks of that month and now to college
  5. 59.57% < WTF I tried to get it fixed but one of my scores got entered wrong as alpha/mike instead of the 2 alpha the RO called the 56.1308 was actually 79.9860%... and then a few from the local clubs didnt get in on time... I should move way up next time
  6. ya 09-03 is on my list of thing not to shoot now
  7. What stage and how bad? Oh No- Pistol - Open Classifier 09-03 13 Jeremiah S L3289 50pnts 60penalties 10.63sec 0.0000 0.0000 0.00% ya the module on the cmore came loose
  8. had a really bad classifier! so not this month...
  9. also, diggin this load:

    124 MG JHP

    7.1 AC


    .375 crimp

    AZ average PF 90degrees 172 average was 8/10 rounds 1395FPS

    Had one round 1350 for 167...light charge lol oooops...

  10. ok so i posted a 68% a few more higher ones and ill be good to go
  11. I here you got a PT? :)

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