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  1. I use my ultimate ghost holster from my 2011 pistols. Works great with my para frame with or without thumb rest slide stop. No adjustment need on the holster.
  2. when I was running limited on my g35 and g34 I had the dawson precision ( i have them on all my 2011's, Para's and single stack). works flawless for me. I heard SJC heavy magwell works great too but don't have any experience with them.
  3. ^^^this not unless you like or need the extra fps.
  4. I used them before not in open but on a limited 2011 and para ordnance blasters with 2 1/2 lbs trigger pulls, they work great.
  5. if you have access to them in my opinion VVn320 federal sp primer delta precision FMJ
  6. if there is one thing I can say the biggest difference between gen 3 & gen 5 is the flared magwell specially if your thinking of using it for production.
  7. Mostly springs, and extractor. I get mine at www.lonewolfdist.com. fast shipping and and if you order over $25 it's free shipping.
  8. been doing the same on my glocks (17 and 19 both gen 5) this year, been using summers bullet coated 9mm 145 grain, 4.6 wst powder, WSP primer @ 940/fps.
  9. I've been using Taylor Freelance, Taran, dawson & Arredondo for about a year now, all are good, I have 2 of each. been using them for co and limited minor. The arredondo's I can get 23 on them no problem the rest only 22 rounds. Trying ETS 21 rounds and Magpul, so far I only gotten a couple of matches (club matches) on them so far I'm not too impress with magpul been getting salt shaker on them but will see.
  10. I know this is an old thread, I do have a question minus the RMR, will this be production legal?
  11. having a back up gun is always a good excuse to buy a new/another toy lol, you don't have to buy the most expensive one, you can always pick up a used one and upgrade it gradually to your liking/need. It's better than not having anything to fall back on too when you need it the most.
  12. is there a difference between the 2? are they interchangeable? thx
  13. thx tim i will do that tomorrow bright n early
  14. midway got slide from swenson that are pre milled for burris n vortex or brownell for rmr for under $200, that way your og slide remains in tack if u get tired of co division
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