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  1. is there a difference between the 2? are they interchangeable? thx
  2. thx tim i will do that tomorrow bright n early
  3. midway got slide from swenson that are pre milled for burris n vortex or brownell for rmr for under $200, that way your og slide remains in tack if u get tired of co division
  4. Just wondering if anybody ever order parts from sti knows how long it took for the parts to arrive? i sent my sti slide certificate that i bought from a fellow member here 4 months ago and still no slide. been calling n leaving messages but no one called me back yet. wondering if they lost my certificate or just back order on slides
  5. will this slide still be production legal?
  6. Question regarding carry optic, if for some apparent the optic crack during a match, will I be able to use my production gun as a back up. Same gun (e.g. glock 19 mos and regular glock 19) except with Iron sights instead? thx
  7. I did a ground up build on a para frame using all sti internals (sear, disconnector, hammer hammer strut and ambi safety with wilson trigger). Like almost any other aftermarket parts they need to be fitted. Mine now has a crips 2 1/2 lbs trigger pull.
  8. What mount are your using on your open para's, single sided or c-more serendepit?
  9. Like the title said, I have this extra para P14-45 frame I'm thinking of converting to open, got most of the parts I need and since the big stick are easier to find now (MBX) as well but i'm still on fence whether to use the frame or fork out the extra cash and buy a 2011 frame. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  10. Tropang Vegas Shooting Club is hosting the 2nd Icarus cup match. https://practiscore.com/2nd-icarus-invitational-shoot/register
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