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  1. I tried 150gr Syntech's in my Legion and they were pretty bad shooting from a rest when I was zeroing the sights, same with AE147s and 147 handloads. AE124s and 124gr handloads grouped nice and tight. I swapped out to a Barsto drop in barrel because I have a ton of 147gr bullets ready to be loaded up. The Barsto barrel didn't change the group size with 124s, but did bring the 147s down the same size. I think it was probably around 2 inches at 25 yards.
  2. Sorry totally brain farted on that, forgot CO in IDPA is based of ESP vs CO in USPA being based of Production. The magwell does fit in the box if I remember correctly from when my friend last checked. Just got to watch the 45oz overall weight limit.
  3. Safariland GLS. Your grip naturally disengages the unlocking lever naturally.
  4. Should be rules allow slide milling for CO, and no rule against using an adapter plate. You will need to remove the factory magwell from the Legion.
  5. I tried ordering from them once and never heard back. Check out Springer Precision they had them in stock when I ordered a few weeks back.
  6. Here's a hack for ordering IDPA or USPSA targets from Midway I've done a couple of time. Wait for a day when they are have a free shipping promotion for a certain dollar amount. Normally it's like $50. The free shipping won't apply to the case of IDPA or USPSA targets, but if you get to the dollar amount needed with other stuff, the additional shipping they will charge you because of the targets in your cart will be something really low like $10.
  7. In the rule it refers to "oversized in diameter". There's threads here on enos I found via google when I researched it after my DQ. You can email IDPA a pic of the S2 mag release, it's their rules, their definition. I've emailed them in the past about other mods, and they've gotten back to me in a few days.
  8. Not if you swap out the S2 mag release, or just remove the mag button and it meets the other criteria. Using the X5 example, take the off the magwell and it's ok to use in SSP, even though it came with it on from the factory. Basically with IDPA it's not about what came factory on the gun, it's just that the gun has to be setup correctly for the division, and their overall rules. It's not like USPSA production where there's a list of approved guns.
  9. The way it was ruled on for me is that the bolt on paddle portion of the S2 mag release = an oversized magazine release button. Bc the diameter of the paddle/button, has a larger OD than what it attaches to. I wasn’t the only one DQed bc of it. I think at least one guy running a 2011 was DQed for the same thing. Also doesn’t matter if it’s Stock on the gun, it still is what it is. E.g. you can’t argue that the Magwell on a SIG X5 is just part of the frame and run it in SSP bc it comes installed from the factory.
  10. Shadow 2 Mag release with the paddle is not legal for IDPA in any division. I got DQ'ed at Texas state last year for running one on my Shadow 1 in ESP. Here's the rule: 8.1.7 Allowable Modifications for All Divisions The following modification rules apply to firearms in all divisions. D. An extended magazine release button may not be oversized in diameter or protrude more than 0.2” out from the frame. The measurement is taken at the rear most part of the magazine release, where it exits the frame. When the magazine release area is recessed into the grip frame, the grip frame to the rear of the recess is used as the base of the measurement.
  11. Glock mag? PSA offers one: https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-pcc-pistol-glock-magazine-compatible-vise-block1.html
  12. Guess I'm weird, I went +20%. Had some feeding issues with the big stick (TF+20 extension), but with the ILWT +20% runs well know. This is on one of my 8'' Uppers.
  13. Magpul MBUS Pro Offsets are the lowest profile I've seen. You can normally find them for around $150-$160 new pretty easily. They pop up in the Classifieds section here once in awhile, but if looking for used your better looking at a bigger forum like ar15.com
  14. Archangelgt

    Small Gun Parts.com

    SGP is good to go, very fast shipping.
  15. Reach out to Jeremy at Vulcan Machine Werks in Plano, TX. He's done Romeo3 Max cuts on X5s, mine is there now. On their instagram I've seen some CZ slides he's done with the RTS2 which I believe is a similar footprint as the Max.
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