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  1. Friend of mine has been running a C&H Plate for at least a year of CO on a 34, and he shoots a lot - at least 4 live fire practices a month + 2-3 matches. (yeah he was smart and stocked up on a crap ton of components and ammo). He's had no problems with the plate, I think he checks it every couple of months.
  2. For me on my X5 Legion I found the added weight of a tungsten rod to dip based on how I normally drive the dot back down under recoil. I ended up going back to the regular stainless guide rod. I was previously mainly shooting a 5'' M&P 2.0 with a steel guide rod up front, so I think I developed a pretty aggressive return using a much lighter gun.
  3. Romeo3 Max Direct mount FTW! But in all seriousness if you don't care about putting the factory rear sight back on, for $75 more than an adapter plate you can have your slide milled for your exact optic. Optic cut done by Vulcan Machinewerks, Fabricated Arms did the other slide milling.
  4. Other than Barsto, I can't speak to any of the brands barrel quality or performance, but they all offer P320 Barrels. Barsto Agency Arms L2D Grey Ghost Precision Faxon Killer Innovations True Precision Griffin Armament Zev SilencerCo
  5. Thanks I've always reloaded coated, didn't realize jacketed were sold out. Anyone notice any differences between .355 vs .356 in the MPX. I've only fed mine factory American Eagle 147s and 124s.
  6. Sorry not the greatest picture to show the difference between Gen 2 and 3, I'll try and take another one tomorrow. The 2 has like a U notch and a high squared off right side, while the 3 looks like two bullet shapes with the high also being on the right side.
  7. What plated bullet you guys using for your MPXs?
  8. FYI there are 3 different Mean Arms CMMG inserts. Gen 1s are known to have problems and Mean Arms will replace Gen 1s free of charge if you are having issues. I'm running some Gen 2s, and so far only have had some cycling issues with some 135PF 147gr flat nose handloads (Carbine Buffer and standard Carbine Buffer Spring). Hotter loads have been running fine. I have some Gen 3s, but haven't had a chance to test them out yet. Looks like the only difference is the follower between Gen 2 and 3. Here some pics:
  9. Lok Bogies, Palm swell for the left side and thin for the right side. Helps with trigger reach for me.
  10. Same thing on all the P320s I've owned, some move more than others. Dry firing with an empty mag normally gets rid of the movement. One 320 I had was really loose, the only way I could get rid of it was to use the older mags that are near impossible to load the 17th round in without a mag loader. I'm guessing b/c the P320 doesn't have a rear cross pin for the sear housing like most other striker fire pistols it somehow moves up when dry firing. The mag follower I think tensions everything so there's no movement.
  11. Not sure if the Pro Series parts are actually different, or just polished standard parts. But since Speed Shooter Specialties has seemed to close down, Midwest Gunworks has been my go to for OE parts https://www.midwestgunworks.com/smith-and-wesson/gun-parts.html
  12. P320s are notorious for this. The slide will lift in the rear significantly when dry firing, changing your sight picture. For P320s if you dry fire with a magazine it normally goes away. Some I've found you have to dry fire with a dummy round for their to be enough pressure to to stop the lift. On my M&Ps I never thought it was so bad I tried to remedy it. Give a magazine, or possible a magazine + dummy round a try.
  13. The aluminum vs polymer is really a preference thing. The aluminum face feels wider because they start the radius for the edges much later than on the polymer. If you are considering flat vs curved, the flat is going to extended the trigger reach (at least it did on my 1.0). You may need to go down a palm swell size.
  14. I thought someone here had a copy of a statement from Sig that they didn't change the pretension on Legion vs normal X5 barrel? I put a drop in Barsto barrel in my legion to get rid of the LCI and shoot 147 accurately. This setup has worked well for USPSA accuracy needs. Probably could squeeze tighter groups with the gunsmith fit version if needed.
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