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  1. If you're using the offset as your primary, I'd say go ahead. Might be worth trying one way or another.
  2. About the only con I can think of is that they're a bit "chunky" compared to the little reflex-style dots. Other than that, I'd think it should be fine.
  3. The Northwest Multigun Championship in Bend got cancelled on Monday.
  4. On the general topic of multigun, I enjoy the shotgun, though I get that it isn't for everyone and isn't really that "tactical". That said, the matches I've attended have had 2-gun divisions, which is definitely more "practical". In regards to ammo shortages, at least one match near me had the option to run .22 LR pistols or carbines, which sounds like a blast, especially if you can't get centerfire cartridges or components.
  5. I started USPSA in 2018 because it sounded like fun and I wanted to get better with my carry gun. I wasn't at the very bottom of the scoring, but I was not far from being at the bottom of the heap(especially considering how much I had been "practicing" before then), and I'm still coming back. Partly because I had fun, and partly because I saw how much I could grow. If somebody is going to leave because they aren't winning locals, I think that's a healthy thing for the sport - that particular mindset isn't helpful. If you don't like where you finish, and aren't striving to get closer to your goal, that's not good. A healthier mindset might be to compare your performance to yourself over time(I couldn't shoot on the move, but now I can. I had trouble with long range targets, but now I don't, etc). I started in order to have fun and get better, and I've been making progress with that, so despite normally landing about halfway down the standings, I keep competing. If I wanted to win matches, that would require a number of sacrifices I'm not willing to make. And I'm ok with that.
  6. Below is what I've found on my 140mm mags in 9. Bottom line is that they all seem to work well enough, and each has pros and cons. Haven't run any of them long enough to wear them out, so I can't really speak to longevity. Dawson: +Easy to install and remove +Best capacity* +Best reliability** -Cost -Shape*** Magpul and ETS: +Cheap -Ammo sensitive** Magpul: +Easy to mark: paint matrix on base for two characters -Witness marks ETS: +Easy to quickly check capacity -Springs are a little weak**** *I think they can go to 22 or so, as opposed to 21. I normally shoot production though, and tend to run -1 for easier seating anyway, as there are usually plenty of places to add a reload, so I don't think it's that big of a deal. **With extensions, I haven't had any feed issues - they use factory tubes, which are pretty forgiving. The polymer ones are a little pickier, as the ribs at the top can grab improperly crimped cases(which, to be fair, is an ammo QC issue, and easy to remedy, but still worth noting), and steel cased ammo likes to stick(I don't have an exact explanation for this, but the Winchester steel case runs fine in factory tubes and has the tendency to go salt shaker in the polymer ones). ***as opposed to the polymer 140s - personal preference for reloads, my grip is slightly less consistent with the extensions. ****I had an FTF in the 15rd version, because it was dirty, so I ended up replacing all of those mag springs, in the 140mm version they aren't as weak, but I put a stronger spring in one to test it, and it only holds 20rd in that configuration.
  7. Thank you all for your responses, greatly appreciate it. Looks like Gen 5 will be the way to go then!
  8. I'm thinking of picking up a 34 for production through the GSSF purchase program, and I really can't tell if what the Gen 5 brings to the table over the Gen 3 is that noticeable, or if people have strong feelings for one over the other. Seems that Gen 3's have the parts selection and reputation, whereas Gen 5's have bigger mag opening, are all MOS, and different trigger. My experience has only been with Gen 4 and Poly80's (Gen 3-esque). I don't intend to play in CO or limited with it, just production. Are the trigger and mag opening that much better, or are they not worth the extra $100? When I go to throw a new guide rod/RSA in there, are there any "gotchas" to be aware of? Will it require funky springs, or will my Wolff/ISMI gen 3 spares fit?(I see that GlockStore has one that requires their springs - no thanks on that)
  9. Nice! That's the shoulder thing that goes up. In all seriousness, I've enjoyed watching the different revisions - very cool, and gives me a slightly unhealthy(from a financial standpoint) itch to move to a more modular platform.
  10. I've been using a Rise Armament RA-434, and am really liking it. I have a CMC 3.5lb and a Geissele SSA-E, both of which are also quite nice, but I prefer the feel of the RA-434 over those two(very little travel/staging, crisp break, decent reset), and the price was somewhere in between them.
  11. Has anyone seen the new "American Competition Pro" yet? https://ruger.com/products/rugerAmericanPistol/specSheets/8672.html Not looking to change to one, but I just saw it on their site and figured I'd mention it - looks to check most of the major boxes for competition in CO or production: lightened slide, optic plate, and fiber. About as ugly as anything I've ever seen, but it's cool that they seem to be branching out.
  12. Carver Custom makes a competition sized magwell for Polymer80 frames now. Just put one on my full-size - installed easily, appears to be high quality, and compatible with both Gen5 mags and mags with Dawson extensions.
  13. I absolutely agree - the convenience factor and stiffness for the price paid(I've probably spent more than that on mags this year) is a no-brainier if you want to compete. That said, not having a double belt shouldn't keep somebody from coming out to play for the first time or two.
  14. I've been running one for the past two years, and haven't had any complaints. That said, it's the only double belt I've used so far, and I've been using a polymer pistol, so the load isn't too heavy. Agreed. I bought a double belt after my first match, because I knew I'd be back and saw the convenience factor, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with using a normal good leather belt until you decide to make the switch.
  15. No experience with OZ9s, but have you tried a different extractor or extractor spring? In your cleaning/inspection(just making sure here), did you clean the extractor channel and the hole for the extractor spring assembly? No chips on the extractor claw? Those are about the only specifics that I can think of.
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