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  1. lol, that is a little disconcerting. But i would like to think that he meant to say grip. It would be nice if NORI Published a blog entry adressing this, Instead on people having to use emails to justiy a modification.
  2. I recently read a NORI blog entry titled “is that thumb rest legal?” Link below. The article states that thumb rests a illegal on the grip of guns on production and CO guns. I emailed NORI asking about clarification on accelerator cuts. Troy McManus stated that the accelerator cuts on glocks are on the “frame” not the “grip” and are therefore legal in production and CO. I thought this was pretty interesting since I have been using agency arms frames recently and have had some RO question the legality of accelerator cuts. I’ll post the email chain below. FYI I used an email that Lenny Magill forwarded me previously to ask nori for clarification on this topic.
  3. I just used 15 min maritime epoxy comes in orange and black bottles. I don’t think it will work on job weld. The maximum temp for job weld is 600 degrees, I don’t think 200 degrees will do much.
  4. I sanded my grip done when I did mine. I decided I wanted to stipple the frame the other day so I used a hair drying to heat the frame to 200 degrees. the epoxy peeled off relatively easily with a metal scraper. I’m have having some trouble posting pics I’ll try to get them up later.
  5. I really like the TTI plus +6 mag extensions for matches and magpul 21 round mags for practice.
  6. MRindecisive

    ZEV OZ9

    I just picked an OZ9 up yesterday. I don’t necessarily agree that 1600 is overpriced for what you get. I was fortunate enough to pick one up from my dealer for 1400. I personally think 1400 is a Great price. On top of the case (which i could care less about) they include a few small but usually overlooked items. Such as an rmr sealing plate, extra green/red fiber, and two extra striker springs so you can adjust the trigger feel and weight. It a pretty small but nice thought be ZEV. The main feature that interested me in the OZ9 was the Frame/Grip. I love Glocks but I hate the Grip angle and hump, with the OZ9 you get a more vertical grip, for me I noticed during dry fire I didn’t have to rotate my wrist as much to bring the nose of the gun down. That feature along with the ability to swap grips for $60 is what made the 1400 worth it to me. I have an agency arms frame that i have been using for a year now and the stippling is as smooth as velvet now, I can’t sale it to recoup the 800 I spent on it the only thing I can do is try to stipple it myself to give it some life. With Zevs new frame that’s not an issue I can buy a new frame once a year if need be or buy a few to practice stippling on. The slide cut on the OZ9 is really nice too they actually included the RMR bosses in the optic cut. I am be no means a ZEV fan boy I actually have never liked any of their other products and thought they were overpriced for what you got. At 1600-1700 for the OZ9 you're actually getting a lot for your money you are basically getting a completely custom "Glock" with a heavy duty case, spare parts, mag, and the new frame/receiver (which am sure cost a ton in R&D). If agency or salient released something like this it would be way north of 2K and nearly all of their customs glocks are. I think most people could care less about all the swag you get with the OZ9 and I would like to see ZEV release a model that is just the gun and mags. I personally think that would reduce the cost enough to get more people interested. I will be shooting mine tonight in a uspsa outlaw match I'll report back with my opinion tomorrow.
  7. New guy to USPSA here, I'm planning on shooting CO with a Glock 17. With the new rules this year, I've been throwing around the idea of adding some slide cuts/slide ports to my CO 17 in order to increase the speed. I will be using a 13lb recoil spring and shooting ammo right around 130pf too. For those of you that have experience with slide cuts do you think they are worth it? how does it affect the recoil impulse? would I be better off without them? just for gee'wiz I'm look at the primary machine ucc, ucc 2, ucc 3 cuts ucc has no cuts, the ucc 2 has a cut on the top of the slide. and the ucc 3 has cuts on the top and side of the slide. UCCV3topfinal__03815.1495577540.png.jp2 UCCV3topfinal__03815.1495577540.png.jp2
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