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  1. DRock

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    Thanks for pointing that out. Guess it's not that much of a special after all. I get emails from the different shooting sites but don't look at Amazon very often. Guess I should start. Dave
  2. DRock

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    Just got an email from Midsouth. For anyone interested they have the FA kit on sale for 159.99. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/00122909544/frankford-arsenal-platinum-series-rotary-tumbler-(stainless-steel-media-tumbler)?trk_msg=9NH9AJ105AOKNF00D414S7SBS4&trk_contact=F1BJ9NV17FM95502PRCDJ803LK&trk_sid=3N69JTN52UHJOG2ULF4QVOLS3G&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=turn+on+images+and+shop+frankford+arsenal+tumbler&utm_campaign=Get+This+Case+Tumbler+Today! That's about the best I've seen since I got mine for 120.00 last year at Cabela's. Don't know if they'll bring that sale back for Christmas or not. Dave
  3. DRock

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    In the warmer months I put the cases on a towel and dry them outside. Takes a couple of hours in the sun, longer on a cloudy day. In the winter months I spread the cases on a towel on my work bench and have an old window fan that I turn on them for a couple of hours. Then I usually let them sit on the towel for a couple of more hours. I stay ahead of my reloading and cleaning so I always have plenty of clean dry brass. No need to put it in the oven or dryer to hurry things up. Dave
  4. DRock

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    I just got a magnet from Harbor Freight for about $2. About 1/4" thick and maybe 1 1/2" round. They may vary from store to store. I put mine in a small plastic bag to when picking up the pins. It helps to get them off the magnet. I've heard the large FA magnet works well. Some folks have had rust issues. Dave
  5. DRock

    Xtreme Bullets

    I've got quite a few of their 9 mm bullets and more of their brass than I can count. I shot a lot of Freedom Munitions before I started reloading and they started using X-Treme brass a couple of years ago, when they dropped the stepped brass. I hope they can get things resolved and stay solvent. I'm sure the more relaxed atmosphere among shooters has put a strain on many in the industry. Dave
  6. DRock

    Best Digital Scale???

    I was thinking about a new scale and you guys and a few internet searches convinced me to get the GemPro 250. Brownells has them on sale today for 129.99 with free shipping over 49.00, code MCP. Look forward to seeing if it's an upgrade from my 19.99 Frankford Arsenal. Dave
  7. Dr. Phil, as I look at progressive presses I agree with you about the LCT doing one thing at a time. I find that good insurance for me at this point. And, although the color of the press doesn't matter to me, I do find myself wanting to experiment with a progressive. I found, after retiring, that I missed using tools and reloading, along with all the new learning, has helped fill that void. It also adds another dimension to my shooting. If I had started reloading when I was younger I'd probably be an old had by now, but there are so many things to try I'll probably never get bored. Dave
  8. firewood, you'd think being retired I'd have the time to get things right. You're correct I meant per 600 month. Glad to hear you like the LNL. I've been reading quite a bit about it along with watching videos when I can. Seems like any progressive has it's own learning curve and I'm looking forward to it. I do like the way the LNL is set up. I think the LCT has been a good experience for me, as a starter. I do see it's shortcomings for extensive reloading but probably could have stayed with it if I wasn't inquisitive and had some money to spend. Again, appreciate your input. Dave
  9. firewood, I agree that there are lots of Lee people over there, and some of the newer posts in the tech section indicate some disappointment. I honestly wasn't sure of what need this press was supposed to fill, and it seems that some of the breakage I read about in the tech section indicates there is a lot of beta testing going on by the early buyers. I said early on that I'd let everyone else do the beta testing. At this point I wouldn't recommend the press. Most of my shooting needs are filled by the Classic Turret but every spring when I start getting ready for competition season I start looking Blue or the other Red. Lately I'm thinking LNL but I would have to buy it in the winter to get used to it. I appreciate hearing your views on the press. For me a LCT is a good solid item (especially with a set up from Kempf) as long as you don't shoot more than about 600 a week and are retired. The reason I'm looking elsewhere is because I like using and learning about different tools, don't really need the production. Dave
  10. There are a couple of threads going on The Highroad. One for un-boxing and one for tech. Reviews seem generally favorable with a few tech issues regarding the primer feed. Same type of primer feed as the Classic Turret and same learning curve with a few adjustments due to a slightly different primer arm. Dave
  11. DRock

    New powder bar adjuster....

    Thanks, look forward to your input. Dave
  12. The Auto Drum comes with the "fail*safe" chain set up but you have to install it. I've never used it. Dave
  13. DRock

    Beretta 92fs desired jump to lands

    You've probably seen this method before but I'll post a link just in case. Post #3 by Wobbly shows a method to determine when the bullet is contacting the rifiling. http://www.czfirearms.us/index.php?topic=34225.0 Dave
  14. DRock

    Decapping process?

    I have a Lee Universal Decap Die on it's own tool head for my Lee Classic Turret press. When I get about 8 lbs of brass decapped I run it thru my Frankford Arsenal Tumbler. Dave
  15. DRock

    Advice on COL, First time reloading

    I always assumed the step was for strength but it can act just the opposite when reloading them. If you don't know the step is there and use the same charge as non stepped the smaller volume of the case can caused increased pressure. That's when you start to run the risk of blowing out the bottom of the case. I would imagine if you're running a weak powder charge you could load them and never know the difference but I just set them aside with my reject brass. Dave