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  1. As long as you have no liquid lingering on the case you should be OK. I would think using a dehydrator would take care of that. Most of us deprime first because the cases dry out more quickly, although you do get the added benefit of clean primer pockets too. Not as important for pistol cases as it might be for precision rifle loading. Dave
  2. What brand of press are you using? Dave
  3. Depends on what you're looking for. For capacity, the gear driven ones like the FART work very well. But, if noise is a problem you might want a belt driven one which will normally give you about half the capacity of the FART. My FART can be loaded up to 30 lbs. That's pins, cases and water. I usually load up to 25 lbs and get close to 1000 9 mm cases, but its loud and I have a detached reloading shed. Most of the belt driven ones I've seen used keep you at about 15 lbs, but you could run them in your house without driving everyone crazy. Dave
  4. Thanks, look forward to seeing how well it does. Dave
  5. Judging by my internet search for "blasting grit" I'd say you'd have to see if it would get into the case and primer pockets well enough to clean but not get stuck in the case. If it looks like it will work, give it a try. I'm sure people here would appreciate seeing what your results are. Most people that use ss pins are always looking for a better way. Getting the pins separated from the brass is a common complaint. Many have started just wet tumbling without the pins. Personally I just use a Harbor Freight magnet. Dave
  6. Frankford Arsenal Rotary Tumbler. Dave
  7. Didn't see the $20 shipping but they I know they are discounting plated bullets 10% at this point. Still my favorite bullets. If I didn't already have over a year's supply I'd order. I don't think my shed floor can handle any more weight. Dave
  8. I never had a problem getting my X-Treme order in a timely manner. Last order for 4K was placed 7/24 and rec'd 8/2. That was with free shipping. I like the product. The problem now is that even with a discount, $30 shipping is too much. Dave
  9. Got this a short time ago. https://us13.campaign-archive.com/?e=796367187a&u=4e07b127155a70baccdf19cb3&id=43ab3fa9c6 Dave
  10. Do you recall if they are still charging $30 shipping? That's what had me looking for another supplier on my last order. Dave
  11. I use a Lee Universal Decapping die on a dedicated turret on my Classic Turret press before wet tumbling. Dave
  12. I ordered 4K of plated 115g 9mm at the end of July and got them August 2, so no issues as far as price or shipping. I also got free shipping with that order. Haven't ordered since because free shipping has gone away, unless you're a first time buyer. I don't mind paying shipping, but X-Treme's is $30 and I can get much more reasonable shipping from Powder Valley or Graf with Berry's. I've also gotten free shipping with Rocky Mountain Reloading. Dave
  13. That is a really clever solution! Dave
  14. Thanks for pointing that out. Guess it's not that much of a special after all. I get emails from the different shooting sites but don't look at Amazon very often. Guess I should start. Dave
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