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  1. For me the Blues seat and crimp more consistently, the other I'll occasionally feel like the crimp is taking a lot of force. I feel like a few may be getting the coating damaged. The crimp measures the same though. I hope that makes sense.
  2. Is there any major difference between the coated bullet manufacturers? I've tried Acme, and Blue and can't really see a lot of difference other than color. I am missing something ? I mostly shoot the 135 and 147 at action pistol and 3gun. Should I quit looking and buy whats cheapest and shoot more ?
  3. Shep

    Accurate no. 2

    Got to try this powder with some Acme 147 and it was really good, 3.2 grains ran well and grouped nice. It is a soft shooter, I was a little surprised how well the gun ran, the brass was only getting tossed about 2 feet.
  4. Shep

    Accurate no. 2

    Awesome, I'm making some up now. Making a ladder starting at 3 grains and adding .2 grains going up to 3.6 and will try to test tomorrow if it's not pouring rain. First time with this powder, a little nervous.
  5. Anyone tried Accurate no. 2 with 147 Acme coated ? Interested to hear any experiences you've had with this powder ? Thanks in advance
  6. I used a armour that is made for motorcycle riding pants called D30, works well and is very comfortable, how they will hold up is unknown
  7. I'm hoping to be a member at riverbend, going to do the safety tour in november
  8. Just wanted to stop in an introduce myself. Working my way toward my first 3 gun match in the near future. You have the answers I seek.
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