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  1. The crimp subject has caused me a lot of questions when it comes to auto pistols. I am Also fairly new to loading 9mm, and have had mixed results with accuracy, especially with coated bullets. Does anyone have a preference for the type of crimp/ bullet ? Like a certain crimp that seems to work better for coated and a different for jacketed. At this time I have only used the taper crimp for autos and roll crimp for revolvers, but I did order a lee FCD die yesterday.
  2. Next time you're at the range and see someone with a chrono, ask them to shoot a few through it. I long ago gave up on the factory stated fps.
  3. I just shot 19-03 this weekend and was surprised no mandatory reload.
  4. A little of subject, but I have to wonder why the Pal went away. People obviously liked it.
  5. I use the Dawson classic, no issues so far but I do not shoot single stack in competition either.
  6. This is my way when I'm in a hurry, big pan in the oven for about 30 minutes
  7. He's kidding... dont move south.
  8. I've never experienced any light strike issues. This thing has been disgustingly reliable. I have apex trigger and the FSS.
  9. Same here... so much easier and the FART almost doubles the capacity of my corn cob tumbler. And no dry media can come close to cleaning as well as when I use the pins. I still use the corn cob occasionally to knock the lube off finished rifle rounds.
  10. Most of my guns love the SMK 69 GR. with reloader 15 or BL 2. I'm away from the bench or would share the recipe. The Bergers do well also, but hardly ever at a price comparable to the Sierras.
  11. Make sure its clamped to a true table before welding to keep from warping the slide.
  12. The form 1 is attached to a serial number. More than likely a new lower will have a different number.
  13. I went with the B model just because it's what I'm familiar with. The VP is a really great gun, good trigger and accurate. I'm a fan of it after only a few hundred rounds.
  14. I always buy in bulk, when its something tried and true. Wait for free hazmat or shipping. Make my own case lube. I remember the component shortage years ago... and almost feel like it made me a little more conscious about blowing money. I'm still not very frugal, but buying in bulk and saving my money to wait on sales makes me feel like I'm literally getting more bang for the buck.
  15. I would be worried about ricochet too... I worked a call once where a gent decided he was going to shoot out his wife's tires with a 45 acp and he ended up gut shooting himself.
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