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  1. I've never owned a set of digital calipers. I've been using starrett 120a6 for a while and they seem to be good. Is there a reason reloaders avoid the dial ?
  2. I got try some sport pistol finally. 3.3 grains .378 crimp 1.12 oal
  3. Wow, its nice to see more options with timers. Seems like everyone is happy with their AMG so far... do they seem like they are going to be durable ?
  4. Thanks for sharing the SNS load data, I'm waiting on some FP 147 to arrive.
  5. Shep


    Trigger bar Sear Plunger Strut Firing pin block Hammer Alot of small parts just to ease cleaning. I expect most of it to be gone after a few hundred rounds, but my thought was it would show me where exactly to concentrate my efforts.
  6. Shep


    Probably a stupid question but... I got a new pistol and stripped it to the frame and started polishing all the usual parts. When I finished I decided to coat all the contact points with a light coat of dyekem. Has someone else tried this and found it to be a waste of time ? Just thinking it would be interesting to see what it rubbing where exactly when I strip it down for round 2 of the polishing. As a machinist I've done something similar several times, but never on a firearm. What do ya think ?
  7. Redding taper crimp is on the way. The Blues are chronographed all over the place. I appreciate everyone's input, as a fairly new competition shooter and reloader it's nice to hear others experience and opinions.
  8. Just started using a Lee factory crimp on 9mm with 147 Blue Bullets. Some of these are getting a lot of crimp and some feel like they get. I don't sort brass, should I be ? Or am I worrying about this for nothing.
  9. For me the Blues seat and crimp more consistently, the other I'll occasionally feel like the crimp is taking a lot of force. I feel like a few may be getting the coating damaged. The crimp measures the same though. I hope that makes sense.
  10. Is there any major difference between the coated bullet manufacturers? I've tried Acme, and Blue and can't really see a lot of difference other than color. I am missing something ? I mostly shoot the 135 and 147 at action pistol and 3gun. Should I quit looking and buy whats cheapest and shoot more ?
  11. Shep

    Accurate no. 2

    Got to try this powder with some Acme 147 and it was really good, 3.2 grains ran well and grouped nice. It is a soft shooter, I was a little surprised how well the gun ran, the brass was only getting tossed about 2 feet.
  12. Shep

    Accurate no. 2

    Awesome, I'm making some up now. Making a ladder starting at 3 grains and adding .2 grains going up to 3.6 and will try to test tomorrow if it's not pouring rain. First time with this powder, a little nervous.
  13. Anyone tried Accurate no. 2 with 147 Acme coated ? Interested to hear any experiences you've had with this powder ? Thanks in advance
  14. I used a armour that is made for motorcycle riding pants called D30, works well and is very comfortable, how they will hold up is unknown
  15. I'm hoping to be a member at riverbend, going to do the safety tour in november
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