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  1. Sorry guys, I am new to reloading 9mm and have no problems with a 9mm 1911 (I'll be adding a 2nd shortly), however a friend of mine has my Dillon and it would be nice to set up a load (preferably 124 grain bullet) that works in both a stock Glock 19 and (the easy one) a 9mm 1911. I normally use 231 if anyone out there knows of a load, it would be a great help One more question, is anyone using coated bullets in a stock Glock 19? Sorry I have to ask, I am NOT a Glock person. The blue bullets look interesting, but after asked two Glock armorers, it's a "not sure" kind of things. Thanks in advance for your help. 45acp is still easy, I'm still using my 44 year old Star.
  2. Are you using a stock Glock barrel? I have a friend with a 19 and need to know if the blues will work OK. Thanks in advance. I know I'm fine with a 1911 in 9mm.
  3. Old IPSC shooter started in the 70s. Ran Brian, Rob Leatham and Chip McCormick as an RO at the early Steel Challenges. Getting back to shooting in IDPA.
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