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  1. Don't shoot Glocks, but my 1911s prefer 1.065.
  2. I RO'ed Rob at an early Steel Challenge. Compensated Series 70s started in the SWPL in 1981, although there were problems with them. They were more abundant in 82. That's when the SWPL split. There were some long barrels and a few long slides, but not in any serious numbers.
  3. PS Micky, Steve Blankenbiller and I used to shoot ground squirrels from the steps of Steve's mobile home before he and Mike Dalton built up the property. We wanted to keep the squirrels away from our horses kept on Steve's place.
  4. Ron Lurch, now there's a name I was just talking about. Ron fired what've think was a double or triple charged round on the line in the early 80s IIRC and killed a series 70.
  5. I'm having very good luck with 231 in a 5", 4" 1911s and a Glock. But I'm loading the 124 flat nose. I'm loading it for the same reason.
  6. FC 18 and 19 are crimped, and the primer pockets are slightly undersized. They will need to be swaged. I have 1000 rounds of FC 19 that I got just in case (ammo shortages)
  7. It has, safety that you don't seem to understand. Cheers.
  8. Right, so that's your view over a professional that was a technical editor for American Rifleman before going to Ruger. Best of luck, I sort cracked cases out before reloading and I've seen thousands over 40+ years of handgunning starting in IPSC in the 70s.
  9. The EGW is actually a Lee Precision Die. He's out of stock
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