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  1. I'm pretty confident in my mag changes and trigger finger. The first gun I used in IDPA was a Walther PPQ with the paddle mag release and I used my trigger finger to actuate the lever. It quickly created the muscle memory of having my finger off the trigger. Now if I could quit making holes in the friendly targets, I would be set
  2. Cool deal. Now I want all my magazines to do it during matches (assuming we have some soon). Thank you all
  3. Quick history on the gun. It has the Cajun production kit installed and minor cleanup. I’m guessing I have 1200-1500 rounds through it in the last five months. I have two factory mags and two Mecgar mags and all four are the 19 rounders. Finally allowed to go the range Saturday and I noticed that during mag changes, the slide was automatically closing without me hitting the release. I narrowed it down to one of the Mecgar magazines but I have no idea why. Any thoughts one why it would start doing it now and how I can remedy? Thanks, Mike
  4. Pardon some of my newbie questions. 2019 was my first year shooting competitively, long time shooter just not competitive. Last year I used my Walther Q5 match and I changed nothing. That said, I always shot my 1911 better which lead me to the CZ. Metal frame and DA/SA attracted me. Shot me first match with it this past weekend and I was pleased. I’m never going to win the class (no teenager) but I have a few buddies and we compete at the matches and bench race between matches. It’s great fun and we are learning. Thank you in advance for any help Mike
  5. That’s where I’m confused. Is the CGW 10x bushing ok in IDPA SSP ?
  6. Reading about the Cajun barrel bushing and trying to understand the legality in IDPA SSP. My CZ SP01 has a factory bushing already and the Cajun version appears to be a drop in, so why is it illegal? It doesn’t require machining like the CZC version, so I’m confused. Sorry if this has been answered before but I searched and didn’t find a reason.
  7. I used it in a local IDPA match Sunday. I liked it and had no issues.
  8. Shot a few yesterday and today. Definitely soft shooting but Remington factory 124 produced a tighter group. That said, the Federal 150 was still well acceptable with an IDPA target. Good stuff!!! Mike
  9. Only shot 50 rounds of the 150 today. I then shot 50 of 124 Remington and the Remington groups were tighter. That said, the Syntech was really soft shooting and by no means inaccurate
  10. I’ve been out of town this week but I came home to a box of 500 on the doorstep. I hope to get out tomorrow and give it a try before the Sunday season opener. Thanks for all the replies Mike
  11. I looked around today for 124 Syntech Action Pistol but only saw 150. They had other Syntech 124s though. Thoughts? Mike
  12. Thanks for all the info. I ordered 500 rounds this morning. Mike
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