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  1. I shot a few through my Walther and my CZ today and all went well!
  2. I'm going to run a few through my CZ SP01 (Cajun Production Kit) and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions
  3. This is my first foray into reloading and i'm learning as I go, so be gentle. I'm reloading 9mm with 147 gr bullets and using Winchester Autocomp. It calls for a charge between 3.6 and 4.0. I've made 50 so far one at a time and weighed 25 of them and they were all at 3.9 but two (3.8 and 4.0). I'm using the smallest distribution disk (.30) but I would have liked to have been at the lower end of the range. Am I at any risk at 3.9 and how do I reduce the charge if i'm using the smallest disk/hole. Thanks for any help you can give. Mike
  4. I don't reload so I don't keep up on which primers are softer/harder etc. Out of the same WWB box the ammo ran flawless in my Walther, Kimber and My buddies Sig X Five. I just thought I would share my experience because the 11.5 lb spring helped my speed accuracy on the first shot
  5. FWIW - I have an 11.5lb in my SP01 along with the CGW Production kit. It will fire any off the shelf ammo except Winchester White Box. I have probably run 7/8 different brands through and only had one other round not fire (Federal Syntech - Action Pistol 150gr). I'll put that one down as a fluke as i've probably fired 1500 rounds of the Syntech with no issues. But with WWB, every 3-4 rounds would be a light strike.
  6. All, I currently shoot in SSP but planned to shoot my Kimber 1911 in the reshoot this Sunday. I was taking inventory this morning and double checking the CDP rules and stumbled accross a rulle in the Magazine Holder section off the General Rules, that stated "Bullets Out" magazine holders were illegal. A. Is this still accurate? B. Why are they illegal? C. If I need to buy another Mag Holder for a single stack, what is your preference? Thanks for your help. Mike
  7. Cool. Thanks for the help. The gun functions perfectly, once I canned the Kimber Tac mags in favor of some Wilson mags. I'll order some Wolff springs and let it fly. Mike
  8. I normally shoot a semi cajunized CZ SP01 in IDPA SSP. With the shortage of 9mm ammo, of thought of shooting my Kimber in CDP next month. Short of grips, sights and a Magwell, it’s bone stock. Any suggestions for setup, springs etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mike
  9. I did and I saw options for 16, 17 and 18 round mags. Unless those may work on a 19?
  10. I'm looking for alum base plates for 19 round SP 01 mags. Surfed the net this evening with no luck Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  11. I'm pretty confident in my mag changes and trigger finger. The first gun I used in IDPA was a Walther PPQ with the paddle mag release and I used my trigger finger to actuate the lever. It quickly created the muscle memory of having my finger off the trigger. Now if I could quit making holes in the friendly targets, I would be set
  12. Cool deal. Now I want all my magazines to do it during matches (assuming we have some soon). Thank you all
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