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  1. I have shot 3 gun and USPSA since 2009. I recently wanted to get into DMR matches. I shot my first DMR at K&M last weekend. I took my 16" 5.56 3 gun AR with a Vortex PST 1-6 Gen 2. I had the weakest scope at the match. There were static targets 300-520 yards with many of the 520 yard targets being 12" plates and moving targets at 150 and 300. I did ok, I had a lot of hits, hit all the movers, but it was hard making out the long shot coyote and bobcat steel targets, reading wind and seeing misses with a 1-6x. I was much slower than the better glass. I am building a DMR 5.56 DMR rifle. My 3 gun AR is for tac ops division (no bipod), minimalist, very light weight and set up for close paper to 500 yard full silhouettes. In DMR there is less movement and less swinging of the rifle side to side, I can afford and I need more weight. So the DRM rifle will have a better stock, 2 stage trigger, forearm with a rail and bipod. Which scope? I think FFP will be nice for scaling at any distance. Finding targets at max mag is difficult when ranging with a SFP. Budget: $900 Weaver 3-15x50 SFP mil, $450+/- SWFA 3-15x42 FFP mil, on sale now for $500. I am leaning to this one. Talk me to it or away from it. Weaver 3-15x50 FFP mil, $800+/- Vortex 3-15x44 FFP mil, $900+ Other?
  2. Vortex did, quickly, replace the Strike Eagle. I sold the new replacement to fund the PST Gen ii 1-6x. Thanks for checking in.
  3. I picked up a Vortex PST Gen ii for $560 new. I couldnt pass it up for that. I got it today and havent mounted it. The glass is very good, 2 fold better than the strike eagle. Less distortion at the edges and much better resolution. The PST Gii feels very well built, good clicks, good eye relief, great parallax, good red dot, etc. I'll post more after range time. Who uses the cute little sun shade?
  4. I contacted Vortex asking what they will do. If it doesn't work out with Vortex, I will probably get the C-more. @mattman @OPENB give some reviews once you shot yours.
  5. That is a good deal. I really like the reticle, very nice that it is set for a 200 yd zero and the range finder on the left. Maybe a bit pricey for SFP. It is a contender. Does C-more manufacture it themselves? Thanks
  6. I have used a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x for 2 years in 3 gun. It has just crapped out on me for the second time. I want to move up in quality. any suggestions? 1-6x, 1-8x, I prefer MOA, but mil is ok, budget $900. No more strike eagles.
  7. I've used a Blade tech DOH drop and offset for 7 years. It has never dropped my pistol in 60ish matches.
  8. I am fairly new to loading 9mm. I am loading for a M&P 9 pro. I've loaded a few hundred each of 115 RN Xtreme and 115 RN Montana gold with Bullseye. COALs have been 1.12-1.13 with good results. Recently I picked up some 125gr conical nose black bullets to try. The longest COAL I can get to fit a gauge or the barrel is 1.09 with 4.0gr of Bullseye. In my limited 9mm reloading experience, that seems short. Will this load be safe to shoot?
  9. Nice: I got my Stretch16 sniper gray mounted yesterday morning. All I had time to do was take it out for a function check. It is very soft shooting and it is easier to hold on target during double taps. This week, I am mounting a Weaver 4-12X and will shoot 100.
  10. I called Strong Side Tactical. After speaking to the owner, he answered the phone. I was sold. Last night, over the phone, I ordered a sniper gray non fluted minus a gas block. Very nice people and i have alredy received a tracking number. I'll report back after i shoot a few groups. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  11. I know the stretch 16 comes with a gas block. I run a low mass carrier, low mass rifle buffer, tubbs spring and a syrac adjustable gas block. Will the stretch run reliably with its gas block or will I need to keep my syrac for a low mass gas system?
  12. What do you think about the Spike's Lothar Walther barrels; 16", 1:8, wylde?
  13. Well, i tried 75gr hornady bthp and 77smk with rl15, cfe223, norma203b and a few others. My rainier medcon never shot better than 1MOA. Usually 1.5 or worse. Cold bore was close to MOA. Not so much after it heated up. I'm not against another rainier, just not a medcon. I am not wanting to bash rainier barrels, i just got a bad one.
  14. Last year i went with the Rainier medcon for weight. The medcon's groups go from around 1MOA cold to 2 MOA after a few shots. SO, i am leary of lighter barrels. I would prefer a lighter barrel, if i could get better results after heat.
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