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  1. I have shot 3 gun and USPSA since 2009. I recently wanted to get into DMR matches. I shot my first DMR at K&M last weekend. I took my 16" 5.56 3 gun AR with a Vortex PST 1-6 Gen 2. I had the weakest scope at the match. There were static targets 300-520 yards with many of the 520 yard targets being 12" plates and moving targets at 150 and 300. I did ok, I had a lot of hits, hit all the movers, but it was hard making out the long shot coyote and bobcat steel targets, reading wind and seeing misses with a 1-6x. I was much slower than the better glass. I am building a DMR 5.56
  2. A little thing I like to call the telephone. Thanks, everyone loves a smart arse. I dont have that option during work hours. Emails or other online communications works for me.
  3. How much lower will the pull weight be with the apex comp kit installed compared to a stock M&P pro? How does this affect warranty? On the APEX site i left a message, but never got an answer. Anyone have a better way of contacting APEX?
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