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  1. It depends on if the wall was inside or outside the fault lines.
  2. This is so clear, I'm not sure why the controversy. The rule has an "OR" in it. That means if any phrase is true, then, the rule applies. If his feet (or his elbow or his butt or any part of his anatomy) were touching out of bounds, then, the first part of the rule: "A competitor who fires shots while any part of their body is touching the ground or platform surface outside a shooting area,..." applies. It does not say "completely out" it says "touching." This has nothing to do with "gaining an advantage" (although it may be) or "re establishing back in bounds." It is simply
  3. Well, Joe4d, first, let me thank you for editing your original post. I started this thread to warn other members of a potential problem. I freely admitted the fact that I made a mistake. But, maybe my pics were actually misleading as I never mentioned that these were pics of the inside of the jig when it is open. Below is a picture of the assembled product, ready to drill the holes. My error was putting the frame in the jig wrong. I just stuck the frame in and closed the jig. YES, I DID NOT LOOK CLOSELY, because I assumed it could only go in one way -- the correct
  4. It’s a whole new kit at the ridiculously low price of $90 plus $9 shipping instead of the $135 Brownells charges for a new one. And, I’ll say that’s probably ok for most build errors. But I’m holding firm that since their poorly designed jig played a huge roll in this problem, I think they could have done a lot better for me. Since I learned my lesson on the jig I didn’t need a new one of them, and I didn’t burn up the drill bits on two holes in plastic, so I didn’t need new drill bits either. I don’t know how much it costs to produce a frame but I’d guess $99 pretty well cover
  5. Yeah. That’s the point I tried to make when I called them. I even sent emails and the pics. But they stood firm that their policy does not cover mis drilled holes — that’s on me. I emphasized that they were mis drilled because their jig allowed it. Then they said that if the tabs were still in place (on the top of the frame) then the frame could not be put in wrong and their directions say to drill the holes first. But there are no directions, or pics as also suggested above, other than to go to their website, which I did on my first build. But this time I thought I
  6. I just learned a $100 lesson trying to build a Polymer80 "glock." Their shtick is that they sell you everything you need to be successful, which, is mostly true. The real value is the jig that holds the frame so all your work on it can be done exactly and correctly. BUT, what I found out the hard way, is that some of their jigs will allow the frame to be held incorrectly. Yeah, makes not sense to me either. If you luck out and get the jig that allows for both right and wrong assembly, and you get it in wrong, like I did, then the holes you drill will be in
  7. Update: I tried the ammo on a Glock17 with a Tactical Solutions .22lr conversion, and, my Mack Bros Tango suppressor. As Agent 214 correctly noted, all ammo was subsonic. The Norma and Federal both cycled the slide, while the others usually did not. So, in a pistol, you might as well save the money on the exotic ammo since the standard velocity (aka cheap) stuff is both subsonic and will cycle. I did not have all the brands of ammo to try. G17 w/Tac Sol .22 conversion & Tango Shot 1
  8. You're right on barrel length and velocity. That's why the Mist is more likely to be sub than my full length .22, although I did get the standard velocity Federals to crack. The actual solid part of the barrel is only 9" but the whole thing is 16". Now you got me thinking I need to chrono that same bunch of ammo in a pistol and record the results. Not sure I understand the question about the Mist barrel. I will post a pic of mine. I got it a summer 2016. The outside tube is solid, no ports. Also, I learned a good lesson taking this apart for the pho
  9. When you look at a .22 bullet, you'd figure "how much crack could this little thing have?" but it's pretty amazing. One day I heard my neighbor shooting what sounded like a 22. He lives 1/2 mile away. I called him and asked what he was shooting and he said he just got a new can for his 10/22 and was super disappointed because it was so loud. We experimented with different ammo and discovered that it was the SS crack that I could hear in my yard. Now, I'm not saying it was loud enough to wake the baby from a nap, but, I could hear and recognize gunshots 1/2 mile away. But wit
  10. I stumbled on some info that I thought would be helpful, that I wanted to pass on. I did not see similar info posted anywhere on Brian Enos forums. I wasn't sure exactly what forum to post this, since it covers bolts and ammo, and suppressors, but ... I have a couple of Ruger 10/22's, both suppressed. I have been playing around with a bunch of different subsonic ammo. The cheapest and easiest to get (at least for me) is CCI Quiet. It is "as seem in the movies" quiet. But, it won't cycle the bolt. Then I found that Volquarten makes a FireFly bolt that is designed to work with
  11. I took the competition handgun. I've taken plenty of gun training courses, but, I've not seen one specific to competition. I'll probably go again next spring.
  12. They sorta sound like the same thing only different, with either one working ok for limited. Thanks for the voice of experience. I can now continue my quest for a limited gun knowing more than I used to. Thsnks.
  13. From a practical perspective, what is the difference between STI DVC 3-gun and DVC Limited? The only difference I can see from their website is the Limited is available in .40, but, I want to shoot 9mm; Limited is offered in chrome, which I don't care; and Limited does not have a pic rail, which I don't care. I currently shoot single stack but I want to move to limited. Is the STI 3-gun legal for USPSA limited? Are there any major benefits to one or the other for limited? Thanks
  14. Paydirt! No one on this list had them but Hoosier gunworks recommended www.outbackgunparts.com and they have one. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Jerry
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