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  1. jerryz

    subsonic .22lr & bolt cycling

    Update: I tried the ammo on a Glock17 with a Tactical Solutions .22lr conversion, and, my Mack Bros Tango suppressor. As Agent 214 correctly noted, all ammo was subsonic. The Norma and Federal both cycled the slide, while the others usually did not. So, in a pistol, you might as well save the money on the exotic ammo since the standard velocity (aka cheap) stuff is both subsonic and will cycle. I did not have all the brands of ammo to try. G17 w/Tac Sol .22 conversion & Tango Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Avg SD Gemtech Norma Tac22 892 888 897 892 4 Aquila Target Eley Subsonic 832 856 881 857 34 RWS Target Aquila Super Extra CCI Quiet 639 656 624 640 16 Federal 1046 1059 1077 1060 15
  2. jerryz

    subsonic .22lr & bolt cycling

    You're right on barrel length and velocity. That's why the Mist is more likely to be sub than my full length .22, although I did get the standard velocity Federals to crack. The actual solid part of the barrel is only 9" but the whole thing is 16". Now you got me thinking I need to chrono that same bunch of ammo in a pistol and record the results. Not sure I understand the question about the Mist barrel. I will post a pic of mine. I got it a summer 2016. The outside tube is solid, no ports. Also, I learned a good lesson taking this apart for the photo: CLEAN THEM OFTEN and lube them before use. OMG, outside tube was almost welded on. I thought I lubed it like my other cans, but, I guess not. I use liberal amounts of Permatex Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lube (it's a high temp lube). The solid part of the baffle stack was stuck to the outside tube. I can even see lead stuck to the inside of the tube. FYI, a 12ga bronze brush works perfectly to clean the tube. And then I put Permatex Aluminum Anti Seize lube on the threaded parts. Messy as hell, but, I have easily unscrewed my other cans with no problem.
  3. jerryz

    subsonic .22lr & bolt cycling

    When you look at a .22 bullet, you'd figure "how much crack could this little thing have?" but it's pretty amazing. One day I heard my neighbor shooting what sounded like a 22. He lives 1/2 mile away. I called him and asked what he was shooting and he said he just got a new can for his 10/22 and was super disappointed because it was so loud. We experimented with different ammo and discovered that it was the SS crack that I could hear in my yard. Now, I'm not saying it was loud enough to wake the baby from a nap, but, I could hear and recognize gunshots 1/2 mile away. But with the subsonic ammo, all you could hear was the bolt, even when standing next to the gun. Here is some info I gathered just tinkering around. I have two Ruger 10/22's - one with a Mist barrel from Gemtech and one with a regular barrel and a Tango suppressor. You can see that the Mist barrel is much slower, but then it's almost difficult to get it to shoot super sonic. Also below is a temp chart. Of course, this is just me plinking around and not some kind of nationally recognized scientific study. Temp: 75 degrees Mist Barrel 10/22 16" BBL Tango Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Avg SD Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 Avg SD Avg Dif Gemtech 1000 969 968 979 18 1038 1006 1032 1025 17 46 Norma Tac22 970 986 975 977 8 1047 1043 1057 1049 7 72 Aquila Target 983 995 987 988 6 1097? 1075 1082 1085 11 97 Eley Subsonic 897 876 883 885 10 980 989 953 974 18 89 RWS Target 910 918 959 929 26 1001 1003 1043 1016 23 87 Aquila Super Extra 1023 1034 1031 1029 5 1101xx 1103xx 1077? 1098 14 69 CCI Quiet 621 658 630 636 19 682 695 707 698 12 62 Federal 1151xx 1147xx 1159xx 1152 6 1198xx 1203xx 1229xx 1210 16 58 xx = supersonic crack ? = seemed very loud but maybe not supersonic Temperature F Speed of sound FPS 0 1050 10 1062 20 1073 30 1084 40 1095 50 1106 60 1117 70 1127 80 1138 90 1149 100 1159 https://www.weather.gov/epz/wxcalc_speedofsound
  4. I stumbled on some info that I thought would be helpful, that I wanted to pass on. I did not see similar info posted anywhere on Brian Enos forums. I wasn't sure exactly what forum to post this, since it covers bolts and ammo, and suppressors, but ... I have a couple of Ruger 10/22's, both suppressed. I have been playing around with a bunch of different subsonic ammo. The cheapest and easiest to get (at least for me) is CCI Quiet. It is "as seem in the movies" quiet. But, it won't cycle the bolt. Then I found that Volquarten makes a FireFly bolt that is designed to work with the CCI Quiet ammo. Today, it runs about $200. It works like a champ -- as good as advertised. Volquartsen rep emailed me that they do not recommend standard velocity with their bolt. After I bought a pair of FireFlys, I stumbled on Norma Tac-22 ammo. It is also subsonic, and it will cycle the bolt of the standard 10/22. The Norma runs about 1100fps while the CCI is only 700fps. The Norma is more flat shooting. Currently, Midway sells both. Norma $50/500 and CCI $35/500 I also tried both on a Glock 17 fitted with a Tactical Solutions TSG-22, .22lr conversion. Again, the CCI would not cycle it while the Norma worked fine. Sorry for a sort of rambling post, but, here's the bottom line: If you want to shoot suppressed .22lr: - CCI Quiets are the quietest and cheapest but won't cycle. - Volquartsen Firefly works great with the CCI quiet, but, not recommended with standard velocity and it's $200 - Norma Tac-22 is subsonic, shoots a bit better, just a bit louder than CCI, and is $15/500 more money, but, it will cycle the bolt on 10/22 and Tac Sol .22 Glock conversions. So, that's what I learned with about $600 and a bit of screwing around.
  5. jerryz

    Tactical Performance Center UT

    I took the competition handgun. I've taken plenty of gun training courses, but, I've not seen one specific to competition. I'll probably go again next spring.
  6. jerryz

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    They sorta sound like the same thing only different, with either one working ok for limited. Thanks for the voice of experience. I can now continue my quest for a limited gun knowing more than I used to. Thsnks.
  7. jerryz

    2018 STI DVC Limited reviews?

    From a practical perspective, what is the difference between STI DVC 3-gun and DVC Limited? The only difference I can see from their website is the Limited is available in .40, but, I want to shoot 9mm; Limited is offered in chrome, which I don't care; and Limited does not have a pic rail, which I don't care. I currently shoot single stack but I want to move to limited. Is the STI 3-gun legal for USPSA limited? Are there any major benefits to one or the other for limited? Thanks
  8. Paydirt! No one on this list had them but Hoosier gunworks recommended www.outbackgunparts.com and they have one. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Jerry
  9. My son in law bought a winchester 94 in 30-30 at a gun show at my urging. It was something his grandfather let him use to hunt deer with when he was a kid. His grandfather just died and we don't know where that gun ended up, so, I thought this would be a good idea. Turns out, it was made in 1969, and, I now know, post 1964 winchesters are pretty much junk. It is missing parts so it is now a single shot. I need: - post '64 - caliber 30-30 - top eject - right cartridge guide stop and a machined carrier. The local gunsmith cannot find the parts. I cannot find the parts. Anyone have a source? Thanks
  10. jerryz

    Tactical Performance Center UT

    i flew from Salt Lake to St George. Short flight and easy to navigate airport. Stayed St George Inn. Convenient location.
  11. I just finished 3 days at Tactical Performance Center in Utah. Wow. What a class. I was drinking from the firehose. I was most impressed how Ron Avery was able to dissect every aspect and every movement into small, understandable, pieces. I found I was doing things wrong that I had no idea there was even a right and wrong way to do. I've been shooting for 40 years (USPSA for only the last two). Changed my grip. Changed my stance. Changed the way I moved. I broke one gun and every body part aches -- it was great. Highly recommended for those who have never shot a match to GM.
  12. Yes, completely agree. I am loading on either a 550 or a 1050 and once everything is set, I just let it run, but I do spot checks on all factors every 100 rounds or so. The recipe I use is one I've used for years with good results on the chrono and the range. The problem I found is that when my scale was mis behaving, and I didn't notice, it really threw off my velocity. I'm not pushing the envelope so there is no danger, it's just that I have to wrestle with a 190+ power factor instead of my intended <170. I guess at this point I'm just looking for people's experience with this scale, or, the Gempro250. If there is nothing I can do to fix this, even though it's only a couple years old, I'll have to buy another. But, I don't want to buy the same problem I currently have, nor do I want to buy something worse. One thing I noticed on this scale is that the calibration weights will weigh with very slight variance. I used 4 weights of all the same weight that I gathered from other scales. Most of the time, they weigh correctly, with only an occasional variance of, at most, -0.1gr. But, when I put the pan on the scale, even after calibration, it is usually (and used to always be) 118.1gr. But now it can go as low as 117.5gr. That's 1/2gr. variance. It seems like heavier weights, like the calibration weights, work OK but the lighter weights, like my powder charge, are all over the map. Almost like the scale needs lubrication (which I know isnt the case, but it functions like that).
  13. Hi-power Jack: I was looking at 65fps. Of course, there are other tolerances other than powder. Sarge: I was trying to avoid buying another considering this is only a couple years old. I know that it is unacceptable fluctuation. I was hoping someone would have an idea I could use to save myself a purchase. But, I would expect a new scale may be my only real option. Thanks Anyone have experience with Frankford Arsenal scales? Or, Gempro 250?
  14. + - 0.3 gr. I'm currently reloading .45acp. I'm loading on a Dillon 1050, so, I really only need this to set and verify my powder throw. And now that I know it's a problem, I have another scale I can use cross check with, but it's clumsy to use. But, I want my FA to work properly and I'm wondering there is some sort of adjustment or outside factor causing the problems, or, are FA scales junk, or do they wear out after a couple years?