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  1. We were notified at our stage (4) on Sunday afternoon. This was when the rain started really pouring down and one of the banners was blown down range. It didn't seem to make a difference. As mentioned above, shooting into the sun and slogging in the mud had a much greater effect. So did avoiding ruts left on the stage by hundreds of other shooters. It's part of shooting major outdoor matches at the end of the day. Especially in Florida
  2. Thats a cool video. Who did it? I did! I'm working with Jay to create some pre-match promotional material as well as plenty of footage during the match as well.
  3. Welcome! Have you ever gone to the big area and national matches there?
  4. You got some sweet reloads my friend
  5. Yep did that as soon as I got home! An inner got dislodged and jammed the whole system up
  6. TommyD

    G34 or G17

    34. The grip size is the same, so might as well get the improvements of the longer slide. So you're buying a 19 and 26 as well? Or am I reading that wrong?
  7. I'm no good reloading with bullets forward. That's how I do pistol mags but I'm all caveman with my rifle reloads
  8. Yeah the springs on the AP's are kind of a drag to load but oh well, the 4x4's save a ton of space!
  9. I would love an English translation with a bouncing ball so I could sing (yell) along. I WAS NERVOUS LAST MATCH BUT NOW I AM AGGRESSIVE AND MAKE ALL A'S, HOPE I DONT DQ, OOOPS I DQ'D, MAYBE I BETTER CALM DOWN
  10. As being a film student and an interest in actor's craft, I thought Sarah Callies and Andrew Lincoln gave very impressive performances. The kid has alot left to be desired... Whoever directed the Lori death scene, did it beautifully
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