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  1. hello0o0o0o

    Burn Out...

    I got burn out due to being overwhelmed. I wanted to do full carry optic conversion, get a real competitive pcc, and upgrade the reloading press. I just felt like I had a lot to do to make shooting care free again. But I just spent the money and got it all done and I'm super excited to get back into it and dryfire and compete again.
  2. I think stretching and then working up heart rate is super important. Gets your mind alert and your body ready to move. Some draws or something before classifier at safe area maybe is a good idea.
  3. hello0o0o0o

    Can't see hits or misses on cardboard

    Never look for hits. Ever. Look at sights or dot and know when you pulled the trigger.
  4. hello0o0o0o

    Do you count your shots?

    Your plan should never be to count. If its a habit to do so, definitely work to eliminate it. The way you know how many rounds you have till reload is by stage planning. Memorize actions not counting. So when you do the walk-through don't go "1, 2... 3, 4...." just look and memorize what you see and what you will do. No counting. If you need verbal when you walk-through say "bang".
  5. hello0o0o0o

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    I run a 403b which only has the dot reticle. I won't lie... for the price holosun is really nice. I've never had any problems with it and the quality and finish are fine as well. Ran the 403b for an entire year and never changed the battery. Reason for the 403 over others is because of the tube. The battery is housed in a slide out tray in the base of the sight, meaning that the tube is thinner than some of the competition not having a battery housing mounted on the side of the tube. In the future I definitely want to experiment with the 510 not for the circle but for the larger window. Also... green
  6. hello0o0o0o

    Limcat tron

    yes you are right it was bad wording on my part. I can't see it shooting that radically different. I think the more major thing will be weight and hand placement.
  7. hello0o0o0o

    Limcat tron

    So, I just heard the podcast with Leograndis. He claims that before nationals he switched to a homemade 5in and 10 in shroud. He said it didn't like it and switched back to a 14 pin and weld. Now he's back to using it with the limcat. With that info, i'd guess that it probably is no real advantage over a 14 and at that point just go with whatever. JP recently has been leaking info on their instagram about their new ultralite 9mm which will be, in theory, the exact same as the lim cat with an aluminum shroud and a comp welded onto that. Just less ridiculous looking with a lightweight slim handguard that's full length instead of coming halfway like the limcat.
  8. hello0o0o0o

    Limcat tron

    I won't lie I definitely am skeptical of the 10" pin and weld.. never used one so maybe that's why. seems it just limits options with holding it.
  9. hello0o0o0o

    Advice for a newbie

    I’ve been loading for the past year with Universal Clays... also given to me by my reloading mentor lol. Never got a chance to chrono but did recently and wow... I was shocked when my velocity was all over the place. This is the first time I’ve read that this powder is hard to meter. Reloading on a 650 if it’s a press issue. What did you do to remedy it? Or just use it up and move on? I bought a bunch of titegroup already to switch to once the universal is done.
  10. hello0o0o0o

    CZ 75 SP-01 Carry Optics Build

    I as well would recommend a different dot than an rmr. RTS2 or a DPP is the way to go for sure.
  11. hello0o0o0o

    Accu Shadow 2 for CO?

    Yes they are possible. The difference between the shadow SP-01 and normal 75B SP-01, is the presence of a firing pin block. This will determine how low you can mill. Just make sure you send it to a reputable place and make them aware.
  12. hello0o0o0o

    SP-01 Accu Shadow for CO - Direct Mount or Plates?

    I have not seen anyone with this done. But if I had only one rig to shoot and definitely didn't see myself buying a dedicated production setup, then yes I would go with the plate. If in the future I thought I'd get a new production rig then I'd just mill right down.
  13. hello0o0o0o

    CO mag weights for Shadow 2

    Love seeing all these people making weight without lightening cuts done. Just got a Shadow 2 and am sending it off to get milled and lightened so I am less worried about making weight. However, I am using TTI and standard g10 no palmswell so we'll see when I get it all back.
  14. hello0o0o0o

    CZ Shadow 2

    Got CZC tuned one. Honestly its pretty damn good and no need to upgrade but once the funds come around in a few more months I'll put the full cajun parts kit. They take the feel to a whole new level.
  15. hello0o0o0o

    Limcat tron

    Saw Leograndis post about being sponsored by limcat to shoot pcc. Didn't even know they made one. What do you guys think about the tron? Just bought a gmr so not interested in buying but curious how you guys think it stacks up It'll be good to have another upper level pcc build competitor