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  1. Shot sunday and the banners coming down i felt only translated to a minute difference in the stages, however it definitely allowed a decent amount of previously visually obstructed targets to be visible. Honestly though, the biggest disparity I felt was the weak handed stage 10. Apparently people were confused with the wording on whether or not it had to be 3 engaged targets weak hand or just finishing with 6 shots on a single target with weak hand. People the first day seemed to be told it needs to be scored hits and not scored shots... it caused people to shoot the stages in a very certain way so I feel like that was definitely a competitive advantage.
  2. Just going to say atlas is the absolute pinnacle of open guns. I’ve heard that a very few people prefer others but still shoot atlas because they just “work every time”. Cant wait to get a chaos one day...... No clue about the CA thing. also this is posted in the physical training section..... might wanna post somewhere else to get the info you need!
  3. Now this is what I like to hear. Jump squats, box jumps, from floor sprints. That s#!t will have you fast as f*#k for this sport.
  4. I think it has equal to do with emotion as it does efficiency of action. I’ve always watched max m and said that exact thing. “He’s an absolute machine”. He has no emotion and does everything in the most efficient, clean, repeatable, structured way possible. It’s weird to watch because it looks so simple. As if you were watching a simulation of what it should look like. However, people like speedy or even tilley, I can see emotion in the way they shoot, I can see the effort they use to break position and do things aggressively. It doesn’t look robotic, it looks human. Every shooter has their own particular style so don’t get caught up in trying to emulate the “machine”. Shoot and find what your peak performance looks like.
  5. A big part of it is just being generally athletic as well. Like try staying in a slightly crouched position for a long time. It takes work bc your knees aren’t locked and your muscles are being engaged. making that position more normal like was said above as well as training your legs and core to make the engaging of muscles more normal will make it a comfortable and repeatable shooting position
  6. It is good info! No blind loads.... however this thread is 15 years old hahaha.
  7. Some people say the “Im losing to the person with 2 bad knees” but aren’t athletic at all. I’m not saying that that’s OPs case but in person that’s what I’ve noticed. In this sport the athletic side of things is extremely ignored by most shooters. However, in my experience, fitness will take you from being last at local match to top 10. Watch people like jj or speedy Murdock... they are athletes. You definitely gotta go work out to get those results though. Train sprints everyday etc, for most people running is just generally an uncommon thing to do even if we all subconsciously think we can do it. It’s a skill that needs to be trained. Aside from the fitness level holding people back, the other element is the equipment side. My rig was holding me back majorly when I first started. Ghost pouches with 1 retention clip don’t do the job so there was a mental block of how fast is too fast before my mags fall out. After running pcc with no belt for awhile I was mind blown at how much faster I got just due to movement. In short, get your rig locked down, and train explosive! It takes effort to move the way you want to! Obviously sprints in dryfire as an extra is also good.
  8. I got burn out due to being overwhelmed. I wanted to do full carry optic conversion, get a real competitive pcc, and upgrade the reloading press. I just felt like I had a lot to do to make shooting care free again. But I just spent the money and got it all done and I'm super excited to get back into it and dryfire and compete again.
  9. I think stretching and then working up heart rate is super important. Gets your mind alert and your body ready to move. Some draws or something before classifier at safe area maybe is a good idea.
  10. Never look for hits. Ever. Look at sights or dot and know when you pulled the trigger.
  11. Your plan should never be to count. If its a habit to do so, definitely work to eliminate it. The way you know how many rounds you have till reload is by stage planning. Memorize actions not counting. So when you do the walk-through don't go "1, 2... 3, 4...." just look and memorize what you see and what you will do. No counting. If you need verbal when you walk-through say "bang".
  12. I run a 403b which only has the dot reticle. I won't lie... for the price holosun is really nice. I've never had any problems with it and the quality and finish are fine as well. Ran the 403b for an entire year and never changed the battery. Reason for the 403 over others is because of the tube. The battery is housed in a slide out tray in the base of the sight, meaning that the tube is thinner than some of the competition not having a battery housing mounted on the side of the tube. In the future I definitely want to experiment with the 510 not for the circle but for the larger window. Also... green
  13. yes you are right it was bad wording on my part. I can't see it shooting that radically different. I think the more major thing will be weight and hand placement.
  14. So, I just heard the podcast with Leograndis. He claims that before nationals he switched to a homemade 5in and 10 in shroud. He said it didn't like it and switched back to a 14 pin and weld. Now he's back to using it with the limcat. With that info, i'd guess that it probably is no real advantage over a 14 and at that point just go with whatever. JP recently has been leaking info on their instagram about their new ultralite 9mm which will be, in theory, the exact same as the lim cat with an aluminum shroud and a comp welded onto that. Just less ridiculous looking with a lightweight slim handguard that's full length instead of coming halfway like the limcat.
  15. I won't lie I definitely am skeptical of the 10" pin and weld.. never used one so maybe that's why. seems it just limits options with holding it.
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