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  1. Does anyone have a good recipe for 38SC with 3n38 out of ck with KKM barrel. 3 poppies with comp? I’ve tried a few 125 fmj with 9.5 - 10grains 3n38. Shoots pretty decent but willing to try other loads.
  2. WR dbl oaked is not bad. Don’t know what the ER 20yr is like but I would be very interested in trying it! Probably take one Ice cube to tame it if it’s to much oaked. I get lucky to get a bottle I’ll sure report it findings
  3. I just seen they have a eagle rare 20 year! Think I heard it’s going for around 2k a bottle though.
  4. Eagle rare is my fav. Elijah Craig small batch for the money is a daily drinker as well. Of course blantons and weller is a good to keep on hand.
  5. Thanks for the info, all mags were in spec so turns out in the dvc the grams followers rub against my thumb rest slide stop. I ground about a 1/16” of the left side where the slide stop is. Smooth as silk now.
  6. Brand new dvc 40 and mags ,the mags wouldn’t drop freely. Have not had time to investigate the problem yet but anybody have this problem? I’m thinking mag lips are out of spec.?.
  7. Looked on a lot of my casings and didn’t see any deformations but theory of too much lube would cause a lot uneven pressure. I use dillon lanolin lube and I let it sit for a min before running through press. I’ve had a stuck case in my die and it was a chore to get it out without damaging the die. Chore would also be an understatement.... that particular one got stuck like Excaliburs sword using case lube.
  8. I’ve noticed if I don’t lube the crap out of the brass when sizing I’ll get one in a hundred on a short stroke and just doesn’t make the head space. Sounds like what you had with the bolt not seating. But case gauge will catch it. Also learned a lesson on cleaning the case gauge, had grime in the gauge itself and thought I had a hundred bad rds that were good.
  9. I have the Lyman case gauge/head space. 18$ if you search it. Cheap insurance to make sure you don’t have an out of spec round in the bunch. Did you trim the length and size your brass or is it factory rounds?
  10. As I use to call them de-classifiers for myself... I think the biggest factor is staying calm under that beep and shoot The speed of your ability to get a sight picture. Easier said than done I know as I am guilty of it. When I just relax and don’t get in a big rush to yank the gun out of holster I’ll have a decent run on the classifier. Smooth is fast’er
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