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  1. I use a Cadwell pistol rest to sight in my pistols. the gun licks up nicely and makes for easy adjustment.
  2. You are never to old if your enjoying yourself.
  3. Welcome to the forum and competitive shooting world. What discipline are you and your son's shooting ?
  4. the way it was put to me when I asked the same question is, If you want to have fun shoot everything. If you want to get better stick with one.
  5. Welcome , What caliber are you looking to reload ?
  6. Keepkool

    9 Major Brass

    interested if available.
  7. Welcome , you have found the right place to get the right info.
  8. Welcome aboard , there is a ton of useful info to be found within these pages
  9. I have shot both the CZ and STI in limited and Open, For some reason I just shoot the STI's better, could be grip angle and/or balance of the gun . Shoot and see whats better for you .
  10. Checked on a second scale , weigh in is the same . Thanks for the help STIboy , hopefully ill see ya at Area 7 . I'll be shooting saturday .
  11. Check the weight last evening and found pistol and Tripp 10mm mag come in at 2lb 10.6 oz . The length of the gun is 1/16 to long to fin in the box that I made to exact specs . Took a little off the beaver tail so now she fits . Should I be concerned about the weight being so close or should I be looking to take some weight out . Shooting the perfect til in Single Stack in Area7 USPSA championship
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