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  1. The Dillon dies are 7/8 x 14nc. They are the same thread size as the RCBS & Lee dies, that I am using. RCBS makes a micrometer seating die that should work & can be found on Amazon for around $ 85.00. Hope this helps.....
  2. Sandbagger, Thanks for the info. They are both using the same measurement. Won't have to make any adjustments. This means a savings of $ 130.00 compared to the Shooting Chrony LED light setup. Cheers...….
  3. Gentlemen, I read a large number of posts in this forum, to see if there was already an answer posted for my question about the skycreens (above). Observed quite a few Caldwell owners replying to queries about their equipment. I hope I am not asking anyone to violate any non-disclosure agreement. I proposed the same question to Caldwell on their website, five (5) days ago, and still have not received an answer. If someone would be kind enough to provide an answer, it would be greatly appreciated.. Cheers...….
  4. Nathan, I am sure he does. But for now, I am just want to keep it simple. Lots of catching up to do. Thanx again...
  5. Dave, Thanks for the invite, but I haven't participated in the last five years. Now it is just for fun & experimentation...
  6. Anywheres' near the battlefield???
  7. I have a gamma master Shooting Chrony, which I would like to improve. I was wondering if the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Light Kit would fit on the end of the support rods of the Shooting Chrony. They appear to be the same " V " configuration. It would be much appreciated if someone can give me the measurement between the attaching points for the rods on the Caldwell skyscreens? Thanx in advance for your assistance....
  8. Hi, Thanks for the acceptance to the forum. Am a long time reloader & varmint hunter. Was inactive for the last 7 years and am looking to pickup where I left off.
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