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  1. Thank you Powder Finger! Beautiful movie. “Always see everything, my brother”
  2. Have a C-more SlideRide with 12moa, love it. Beautiful sharp circle, need brightness less than half. Very easy to locate. Aim with the whole dot or just upper/lower edge. Replaced it with a RTS2 6moa. Need more brightness now, making the dot less sharp. I prefer the RTS2 setup, but the 12moa dot of the SlideRide.
  3. And what guide rod is it? What is the weight saving of just the rod? (Or did you include it just for size...)
  4. Looks good, I’ll try that as well. Thanks Leadpilot.
  5. No, but one that is similar, made by a guy in Malaysia (Advance Ratio?). Problem is not in the rest, but in the mount. It needs a minimum of two heads in the countersink holes to stay in place. Only one and it will rotate around it. edit: abb1, was there a solution in the post you mentioned?
  6. Yes, I did. Had this with several thumbrests. I now have a TSO rest, the 90degree mount is fitted with two screws. The thumbrest with one, locktite and anti skid tape. Now only the thumbrest moves now and then. Two screws in the thumbrest and one directly in the mount and it will lose zero in less than 200 shots.
  7. Chrono’d at a match, 2 degrees C (36F), still made 168.5. At 71F about 171 with F200 primer. Temperature sensitivity less than I expected.
  8. Slide of my Shadow is now with the gunsmith, fitting a Shield RMS. Very low, and iron backup built in. Will be for IPSC Production Optics.
  9. No exact chrono data, but I take 5 PF points per 20 degrees celsius loss. Twice that of VV. Based on reports from comparison of others, PF at home vs PF at match.
  10. Great powder, leaves a little residue. N350 is cleaner, but D37.1 works the comp better. Above is with Federal 100 primer, I now use F200 and 9.5gr. Lovex is quite temperature sensitive.
  11. Name: Czechmate 37.1 9.6g Notes: Lovex 37.1 9,6g 124g FMJ 29.40mm Shots: 12 Average: 1361 FPS SD: 8 FPS Min: 1348 FPS Max: 1373 FPS Spread: 25 FPS Power Factor Average: 169 Power Factor Low: 167 Power Factor High: 170 Barometric Pressure: 30.1 inHg Temperature: 72F Weight: 124 grains
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