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  1. Thanks guys I had never heard of a stepped case before I am definitely on the look out now.
  2. This is all I have cousin lost the other piece.
  3. Primer was gone but the brass left in the barrel is fully seated it looks like. And is still stuck there.
  4. Do you think if it was a stepped case I would have been able to find this if I had plunk tested every round? I usually do every 5th round.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. I have been reloading Rifle for a while but pistol is new. I usually don’t reload but about 20 at a time at most when I take the dog out so I usually take my time.
  6. Think I should get my pistol checked out by a gun smith?
  7. 9mm S&W proformance center 9L, 147gr xtreme.356 with 3.2 gr titegroup. Mixed brass and the stamp was blown off.
  8. Hey guys I have never had anything like this happen. Was testing a light recoil hand load for competition this weekend. Was doing a bill drill, recoil was very light anyway so didn’t feel anything weird. On my last shot gas blew out the sides scaring the piss out of me. After checking my hands I realized everything was still there I just had gsr all over them. The brass had blown in half and the base was really deformed. A little was gone. Nothing in the barrel but I knocked the base of the brass out the other half is still there. What do you think happened? Squib the shot before? I dont think it was a double charge because it would have probably over flowed. What does it sound like to y’all? And do you think I should have the gun inspected before shooting again?
  9. Love my razor. Can pick on up used around 850 or so
  10. Dead air sandman S is awesome. I love the QD system and I have no impact shift.
  11. Hey guys I am working on my range and am wanting to use the targets I have. I am trying to build my own target stands. I want to make a static IPSC target but Mine have the two holes like to hang with straps. I don’t know if or how to make it safe to shoot up close with a pistol being static. If anybody has any ideas or has done it I’d appreciate the help!
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