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  1. They go in a little easier if not compety loaded to capacity, down load the second mag a couple of rounds . At some point you will have to ask yourself if you want easy or fast. Also if a gun will lock back empty sooner or later it will lock back before its empty, I dont want mine to lock back, ever. Better stage planing is a key.------------Larry
  2. The point is not to run it empty, if you are going to have to reload do it before the gun is empty.--------------Larry
  3. Bling dont help, may not hurt. Guns that work without a doubt will make you a better shooter. Enough to think about in this game without thinking about whats hanging on your belt.------------Larry
  4. Nope issue in on Chrome as well. Started for me early in the week. As AR James stated clicking on the logo line gets me in, thanks to him for that work around.---------------Larry
  5. Saw this and started to reply, was scrolling down and discovered I already had, 13 years ago.-----------Larry White
  6. Are you sure you didnt have a few hi primers? What did the primers hits look like? Did you try the affected rounds again? Did they fire the second time? Clean the striker channel for sure, I doubt a spring problem. Good luck.-------------------Larry
  7. Get the spare parts kit. And remember, when you use a part out of it call Dillon for a replacement.---------------Larry
  8. Should work well for steel, may need to respring it for lite loads. They are pretty nice pistols.-----------Larry
  9. Look at the size of those feet!
  10. Rig a light. Then just look, every case, every time. Just look.---------------Larry
  11. As mentioned above the tip of the decap pin need to be reshaped. The Dillon dies have a spring on the decap pin assembly that aids in removing the spent primer, while you have the decap pin assembly out of the die check the spring.---------------Larry
  12. Use a common screw driver from a jewlers screw driver set and tap it into the screw, dosent take a lot, back the screw shank out.----------Larry
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