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  1. Are you sure you didnt have a few hi primers? What did the primers hits look like? Did you try the affected rounds again? Did they fire the second time? Clean the striker channel for sure, I doubt a spring problem. Good luck.-------------------Larry
  2. Get the spare parts kit. And remember, when you use a part out of it call Dillon for a replacement.---------------Larry
  3. Should work well for steel, may need to respring it for lite loads. They are pretty nice pistols.-----------Larry
  4. Anything for sti edge.------------Larry
  5. Look at the size of those feet!
  6. Rig a light. Then just look, every case, every time. Just look.---------------Larry
  7. As mentioned above the tip of the decap pin need to be reshaped. The Dillon dies have a spring on the decap pin assembly that aids in removing the spent primer, while you have the decap pin assembly out of the die check the spring.---------------Larry
  8. Use a common screw driver from a jewlers screw driver set and tap it into the screw, dosent take a lot, back the screw shank out.----------Larry
  9. If it was military make sure the primer pockets were worked
  10. The other side of the coin are shooters that shot for years and kind of drifted away. I shot for 20 or so years, have had a number of nice high end 2011 and 1911 open and limited guns that I sold when I lost interest in the game. The last year or so I wanted to shoot a match now and then, to reconnect with old friends as much as anything. A XDM 5.25 with a little trigger work and a little touch here and there serves the purpose very well.---------------Larry
  11. Springer and powder river precision have almost everthing you could need.----------------Larry
  12. Good point, but 95% with a open gun then doing it again with older eyes and a production gun are two different things. I,m mostly thinking of the time evolved. This person would be an accomplished shooter at any rate. But if he dropped down to a A the progression would take longer just because of the way the classifier system works. I just feel there is an advantage there. But hats off to a guy that can get 1 GM let alone 2 or more. I couldn't do it once let alone twice.---------------Larry
  13. I would think a guys 2nd GM would be easier at a older age simply because he started the 2d division as a Master. I think the age at the first one is more telling. We had this discussion at the shop some time ago , Benny Hill made GM at 48 and his thoughts were that 3 or 4 years later he would never have made it. And by the way, at 72, after a knee replacement, a 6 way by pass and the loss of his left eye there are still days he can turn up the wick and lite the bad ass fire.--------------Larry
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