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  1. I have an Atlas that Adam custom built for me in 3 months to the day. The quality is immaculate and the pistol has never missed a beat. I knew nothing about open guns but Adam stayed on the phone with me for an hour answering every question I had and he wasn't sure if I was even going to buy one. His support of his product is what will take me back for another.
  2. The large display of the 510 helps pick-up the first target quicker and you will see decrease in stage times.
  3. tke37617

    Bul Armory?

    Gilbert Perez is a dealer for BUL in East Tennessee. He keeps a large selection on hand at any time. They are very well built. I shoot STI and Atlas. The BUL is a step above the STI.
  4. I have the 510 on my Atlas open gun and it is great. I started with DPP 2.5. Amazing what the difference is.
  5. Moved to open after about a year of shooting USPSA. I love the class. Just a lowly "b" shooter but having fun!!
  6. I have not tried the 115's by MG but I have shot the 95gr with VV N320. Was very accurate in my Springfield. I believe it was 4.0 grains. Very soft shooting
  7. Legal stages for classification. Mostly searching for some rebuttal if questioned about the safety. My only response so far has been that thousands of matches are shot each year at these distances. Secondly, distance is only one of many factors that can contribute to a richochet. Target quality and bullet type are factors as well. I have been tapped by some fragments when targets are out to 15-20 yards and beyond. Does anyone have a trick to help angle a target down slightly if your targets are the "hanging type" from a bracket on top of the 2x4?
  8. Sarge, You are correct. There are a few stages with 21' or 7 yard shots as well as a few 24' or 8 yard shots. No option to move them and still be an official stage for score.
  9. Our club has started shooting steel challenge recently and a few questions have come up about the very close shots that are closer than 10 yards, especially in centerfire. Has anyone ever had any issues with those close plates within 10 yards? I have never seen any concerns talked about on this forum. And is there any special setup tricks to eliminate even the possibility of any ricochet?
  10. Great info so far. Many of you have confirmed what I worried about with an 8 being too large. I saw where Atlas is exploring the Holosun sight. It looks very large. The thought of the 65 MOA circle surrounding a 2 MOA dot sounds like it might be great for instant pickup of many targets out to a certain distance.
  11. Been shooting DPP 2.5 on open gun for about 1 year and have trouble with locating dot. Have a 6 MOA RTS 2 on a CO gun and do better picking up the dot on it. Would like to try RTS2 in 8 MOA or 10 MOA. Are these too big for Open guns? Thank you!
  12. I have been seeing where several like the Leupold Delta Point Pro because of the brightness in both 2.5 and 7.5. AzShooter, are you using the C-more on railway with 12 MOA dot on both rifle and pistol? I wouldn't think the weight of either a C-more railway or smaller RTS2 or Leupold Delta Point Pro would matter much on rifle or pistol.
  13. I have a 4.5" Volquartsen pistol on order. Looking for Red Dot suggestions or comments on any of the following: Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA dot C-More RTS2 with 8-10 MOA dot C-More Railway with 8-10 MOA dot Also have a Volquartsen Ultralite rifle on order. Looking for Red Dot suggestions or comments on any of the following: Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA dot C-More RTS2 with 8-10 MOA dot C-More Railway with 8-10 MOA dot In USPSA I shoot a Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA on my Atlas Open gun and a C-More RTS2 with 6 MOA on my Carry Optics gun so I am familiar with each. However, Steel Challenge is new to me and not sure what approach to take. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  14. Thank you all for the info. This gives me some ideas on where to begin with ammo.
  15. Wondering what types of ammo people are having good accuracy and reliability with in Volquartsen Scorpions and Volquartsen Ultralight Rifles? Thank you!
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