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  1. I attended my first Friends of the NRA banquet last Saturday night and won three very nice guns! My wife even won her first gun ever. I am definitely a Friend of the NRA now!
  2. Wow! This was a topic that so many of us can relate to after having lost our father. My father had quite a few guns and I was able to get some that have special memories of great times we spent together. Any guns he could afford are not collectors they were just to shoot or put food on the table. But having those guns to look at and touch is a very powerful connection. I am glad that it turned out well! From being a serial lurker on this forum I knew that both of you were great guys, this just shows to what extent.
  3. fuzzysights

    CZ SP01 Shadow

    I love gun porn and Stuart is a master! Always so clean! His pictures keep pushing me closer to picking up a Shadow.
  4. I will add that I have made a number of trips with handguns and long guns and my firearms have never come up on the standard baggage claim. You should have to go to the baggage office to pick it up. Has anyone had TSA cut the lock off a firearm case? That would violate their own rules and allow unlocked transport of a declared firearm. I can understand that happening with normal luggage. Most of the time when I have checked a firearm (maybe every time but I can not say that for certain) I am required to walk it over to TSA in person in case they need to open the case for an inspection. The only time that has happened was at Washington National in DC (ok, now Reagan to be PC) where the TSA guy was a gun guy and after x-raying the pistol case asked if I had time to let him see the .44 sinfle action with 12" barrel I was checking. It does amaze me that you can walk through very busy airports with a gun case and not attract much attention. I think all of the people that would normally be outraged do not even know what a gun case looks like!
  5. When I got sick of listening to other kids talking about the "shot that Hondo made" or something similar while they were watching tv and learning stats, meanwhile I was working on my motorcycle so I get out and ride more! Anything that gets the adrenaline pumping is fun!
  6. I am thinking about getting a Hornady LnL to use for the "odd" calibers that I reload and leave the Dillon set up for my primary. The much less expensive changeover would be nice. My question is do you use Hornady dies (or any non-dillon) with the expander die seperate? Does this allow the powder measure to only need the new micrometer insert to switch over to a different caliber? I am used to the Dillon method but that would require resetting the ptx every changeover.
  7. That is the cover. Pay attention when you take it off to the spring and cap are behind the diaphragm so that you don't drop them and know how they go back in once you get the new diapgragm. It is pretty simple really.
  8. Tony, great idea for a low cost practice setup. I am getting my home range going as soon as some mud dries up and in the process of target selection now. I can make these for a lot less that what I was planning to buy, especially with freight factored in.
  9. That looks like a great idea for my larger paws. I did not see a price anywhere? How much are they?
  10. I am leaning toward either the Turfhogs or Hammers. Can anyone tell me about the water resistance of these? Wet feet is just no fun.
  11. We run 11 company vehicles at our office and they are on GE Fleet program with a fuel card for each. 7 of these are identical trucks. I get a report showing the fuel mileage of every tank and there is a 25% spread between drivers. It is mostly driving habits. To be fair some of it highway vs stop and go. The number one thing you can do for fuel mileage is air pressure as CocoBolo stated. Try it for yourself. Check your mileage on a full tank. Drop your pressure two psi and run another tank. You will lose 1-3 mpg depending on the weight of your car and avg speed. It is absolutley free to keep your tires at recommended inflation.
  12. +1 for the Hoppes aroma! I wish that they had that back when my kids were constantly selling scented candles for fundraisers!
  13. Replace the diaphragm as suggested. They get hard from age and don't pump enough. You can skip the sanding the plate step IMHO. I have replaced thousands of these diaphragms back in the 70's and 80's when I worked on small engines for a living and never sanded one. There is no heat in that area so there is nothing to cause warpage.
  14. If you are into the Civil War history you might want swing by Appomatox Court House where the war ended. It is a pretty small detour from your route. Also, if you have never been to Washington DC it would be a must. If you do go up to DC my #1 recommendation is to take a tour of the monuments at night on the Tourmobile. It is an emotional experience to see them lit up at night, especially the Iowa Jima memorial. You could spend several weeks in DC seeing a wide variety of things that do not exist anywhere else on earth. By the way, all of the Smithsonians are free admittance. Another neat stop in the general area is Monticello, near Charlottesville if you head out on I64.
  15. I can definitely relate to your situation. My son just got out of the Corps in September. He did two tours in Iraq. Both times he deployed I was at the same time extremely proud of his selfless desire to step up for his country and concerned for his well being. I always remember what the Marine recruiter told me, "We put way too much time and money into traing our men to lose them." That was something good to fall back on. Being in command he will have some additional control of the situation. My son was the door breacher by his choice on his first tour and saw gunner on his second tour. Now that he is out he realizes how much ammo costs when he used to burn through mine! My ultimate respect to you and your son! Larry
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