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  1. Maybe I missed it but is SNS taking orders to be picked up at the match?
  2. Please post a link to the online store, for shirt orders. The uspsaindiana.org URL is not working for me. Thanks!
  3. What the? Hope you called them to verify the delivery address..
  4. +1 on the RAMI slide stop, the DAA thick grips are nice and may help if the problem continues.
  5. Is there any way to see the full squadding list [like USPSA match registrations] with Practiscore? Potential shooters need to be able to lookup and see for themselves what days and squads [with names]are available BEFORE registering/paying for a match.
  6. Hoping the forecast changes - right now Friday shooters are in for a long day. Not worried about my Solomons, shot in rain plenty of times, no big deal - just hoping to get all the stages in without major delays/stoppages.. Sat/Sun looks clear - Sat shooters are hopefully in good shape.
  7. Gotcha - I'll swing in Thursday and if your still setting up by the time I get there [ I'm 6.5 hrs out] I would be happy to chip in and help...
  8. Shooters meeting will be at 7:30, and we go hot at 8. Our registration guy will be sending out an email as well. Better update the website, times are a little different there. http://www.bgslinc.com/modules.php?name=BGSL_Sport_IPSC&file=page&load=Battle%20in%20the%20Bluegrass.html Thanks! Edited my original post. Been a long week. Schedule for the weekend: Friday registration from 7:00-4:30 (or until we get done shooting) Friday shooters meeting at 8:15 Friday we go hot at 8:30 Saturday registration from 7:00-8:30 Saturday shooters meeting at 8:15 Saturday we go hot at 8:30 I'm shooting all day Friday - will the range/registration be open on Thursday?
  9. Not exactly sure if this is the case but are you possibly getting a light strike and then having to pull again in double action to fire? If so this is very common apparently with a light FP spring and nothing else. You need to 1. Get an extended (XL) Henning or Xtreme firing pin and 2. polish your firing pin block plunger for starters. Most likelly those will fix the issue. If this is not the issue then let everyone know and Im sure someone on benos has experienced it before and can help.
  10. I know this is slightly off topic but am in the process of setting up my new Stock II. I have the EGD Xtreme Light Hammer and FP spring in, have removed and polished the trigger bar/plunger, etc.. and am waiting on a Henning XL pin. I will be adding the Xtreme hammer for sure but would like to add the EGD trigger (flatter) as well. Is the EGD trigger considered USPSA Production legal (I know it's IPSC legal)? From Tanfoglio's website it appears they are making them, which makes it a factory part right?
  11. Awesome, I'll have a copy of it and the Approved Production List showing weights in my bag if there is ever a question. Thanks for the quick replies!
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