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Found 3 results

  1. Target Sports is proud to present The 2018 SnS Indiana Section match. September 29 & 30 Staff on September 28. This match will be held at Atlanta Conservation Club 29595 Leonard Rd Atlanta In 46031 This will be a 11 stage 300+ round Match. All for $145.00 juniors $50.00 with paid adult We will be offering a cash payout for top place finishes in division and in class based on Division participation. A minimum of 25% of paid entries will be paid out. This is a USPSA level 2 Sanctioned match including all Divisions. This is a Sectional Championship Trophy match recognizing Indiana Sectional Champions based on division participation. High Overall- 5-10 competitors in the division 2nd Overall 11-20 competitors in the division 3rd Overall 21+ competitors in the division Recognizing by Classification: (Division status must be meet) First in class: GM through D (Each class with a minimum of 5 Shooters) Second in Class GM through D (Each class with a minimum of 10 shooters) Third in Class GM through D (Each class with a minimum of 15 shooters) Recognizing by Category (Division Status must be met, must have a minimum of 5 per category) High Lady, High Super Senior, High Senior, High Junior, High Military Lunch will be available for purchase at the range for $5.00 If you are interested in working the match please email Daniel Hart at pryitfrommyhand@yahoo.com
  2. Looking for some information on some matches with in 2 or 3 hours. Myself and a coworker will be in the area for the month of June and looking to shoot some matches. We are going to sign up for the Indiana Section match and hope to catch another one or 2. Thanks
  3. Join us on May 25th at North Porter County Conservation Club for the 5th match of the 2014 Indiana Multigun Series. We will have 5 fun stages at this match, challenging your ability out to 100 yds. with rifle, down to 16 feet with birdshot. Setup: Saturday May 24th starting at 12:30pm (Please email me if you plan on coming out to help setup) Registration: will start no earlier than 8:00AM, and ends at 8:45AM Match Fee: $20 for NPCCC members, $25 for non NPCCC members, women & juniors 16 or younger shoot free. Shooters Meeting: 9:00 AM The latest revision of the INMG rules are attached to this email, for you reference. Round Counts (Approximate, bring double) Rifle: 100 Pistol: 100 Shotgun: 100 Pistol Caliber Carbines are allowed at North Porter County Conservation Club. No steel core ammunition is allowed at NPCCC. If you have any doubt as to whether or not your ammunition is steel-core, please find a magnet and test it before bringing it to the range. Use of steel core ammunition at any match at NPCCC will result in disqualification from the match, fines to cover target replacement cost, banishment from the range, banishment from all future INMG matches, and public ridicule on every known social media outlet in existence*. NOTE: all matches at NPCCC, AtlantaCC, Wildcat Valley and Hillside Shooting Sports are conducted under a COLD RANGE as per USPSA rules. All guns must be either holstered (or bagged) at all times, unloaded, hammer down, with no magazine inserted. Long guns should remain bagged, or in a rack with an open action, and/or an "empty chamber indicator" (flag) in place. It is the shooter's responsibility to ensure that the muzzle of any gun is never pointed in an unsafe direction. You may only handle your gun only at the direction of the range officer (RO), or in the designated "safe areas." You may not handle any ammunition or loaded magazines in the safe areas. Violation of these or any other safety rules shall result in a match disqualification. *Not really. But probably. RePete Briggs Multigun Match Director North Porter County Conservation Club
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