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  1. I always bring double anyway. When you said 200 rounds minimum per gun (600 total) that made it sound like some of the stages were 80 to 90 rounds each. We've done that before, so it's not a problem. Rockcastle is a great place to shoot. We just haven't got any info like previous years for stages, sponsors, side matches, vendors, etc... I've checked the web page and facebook pages too.
  2. 200 rounds minimum per gun averages out to 28 rounds per gun for each stage for Am and 25 rounds/stage for Pro. Are the stages really going to be that big, and will there be a max time for the stage?
  3. We have 16 slots left as of today. We may open another squad if needed. We still need a few RO's too. We're working on approval for the stage areas, and would like to have at least one empty stage to keep the match flowing. The plan is for 10 stages now. The division break down as of today is Semi auto 69 Open 8 Pump 7 We need at least 10 in each division to recognize first to third place. We'll adjust accordingly based on each division if there are less than 10.
  4. We're having our annual Toys for Tots USPSA match on Sunday Dec. 6th at BGSL in Wilmore, KY. You can bring a toy instead of the usual match fee. One of our local Marines will take all of them to the local drop, and he has plenty of room in his truck. Let's try to beat the previous years donations. Setup is at 8, and we can always use help. If the weather is nice I'll try to put up a few 40 or 50 round stages. Check out the website for accepatable donations. They will not take realistic looking weapons. Nerf guns are okay, and we usually get a dozen of them for some reason. http://www.toysfortots.org/default.aspx You can preregister at the link below. The squads are set to 10 now, but we can add more. I just want avoid 16 person squads until they are all full. https://practiscore.com/bgsl-12-6-toys-for-tots/register
  5. I've learned not to take complaints personal anymore. This is a volunteer sport, and I put up with enough crap at my real job. I would invite anybody to step up and run a large match or even local matches. Your views will change. Kevin and Ricky both RO'd BITB for me, and NEITHER of them even shot the match. I listen to their opinions. As far as no steel in the match.....Ricky has a great reputation for stage designs. There will be more than one way to shoot each stage.
  6. So, we can get a refund AFTER we shoot the match? LOL! Nope. You can get a refund now if the lack of steel is a concern. This offer expires tomorrow.
  7. Interesting thread. I got complaints about TOO MUCH steel for BITB. Ricky always designs awesome stages, so I seriously doubt anybody will complain after they shoot them. If anybody is really concerned I can have our treasurer cut you a refund check.
  8. Excellent points! I hadn't thought about paying the fees for absolutely nothing in return. Thank goodness nobody local has wanted to try it yet We've had a couple people shoot CO. One was even a classifier match. Somebody called USPSA to ask about the classifiers not showing under Carry Optics, and they said it SHOULD show up in October.
  9. Communication for this new division has been terrible. I MD one of our local matches. We've had to search online forums or facebook to get any info about uploading scores for this new division. USPSA has the email addresses for MD's and approved uploaders. They could have easily sent out a document outlining how to do all this instead of burying small articles on the web page. They released a new EZwin version, but we had to find that ourselves too. Carry Optics still DOES NOT show up on anybody's classification page yet. It will show up in the match scores now that we figured out how to upload them, but their classifers won't count until USPSA actually gets the web page updated. It is extremely easy to pay for classifiers though. They at least make sure they can get their money. I've sent this exact same message to my Area Director and USPSA's office.
  10. Yes. I booked them awhile back. Ricky should be sending the info to the ROs. The rooms are set for Thursday to Saturday night.
  11. A couple of the stages were changed a little and sent to Gary for approval. They are all 32 rounds with no steel. We'll post them here, and online as soon as they're done.
  12. I have few boxes at BGSL that I inherited from the last MD. I've never actually bought them.
  13. Friday is reserved for staff only, so they can shoot with smaller squads. They'll be running a stage two days in a row, so they need get done early on Friday.
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