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  1. First Time I saw this was at Rocky Mountain. The prize table is run by percentage of finish in division. All divisions go to the same table in order of percentage ( 75% Tac optic go at the same time as 75% Heavy even though overall finish maybe many places apart). You are truly competing against only those in your division and not penalized by small prize tables or uneven prize dispersal for smaller divisions.
  2. Just my 2 cents worth, but really like the prize table format. Wish more matches used this method. Does not penalize other smaller divisions at the prize table. Encourages shooting something besides Tac Optics. I believe it helps the sport.
  3. Zack, that offer good for anyone?
  4. Flexible on that. Looking at Vortex Venom and Redfield Accelerator because of the ability to adjust for low light conditions.
  5. Wanting to put a red dot on my Versamax but cant find a mount to go on the receiver. Any one know of one available? Not wanting to rail mount but to direct mount a dot to it.
  6. Same here. Tried 4 times and would not accept. Had to call a friend and have them do it on their computer. Not a good start.
  7. That's nice. But kind of hard to print out for the shooters who leave for the match Thursday.
  8. Had fun. Damn my rifle and damn the weather but other wise had fun. The mirrored stages worked great. Really liked the early finish time. Do wish the ATV ride was a little longer, just getting warmed up and it was over.
  9. You know Denise if I didn't already like you I would have to say I hated you.... Oh yea, you too JJ
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