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  1. What is the difference between the vx6 1-6 multigun of two years ago and the new VX6HD 1-6 multigun? Just the capped turrets or is there a difference in glass quality or illuminated brightness? Both with the CMR reticle. Jim
  2. Reservation made! No way was I going to stay in the baitshop/motel that I had to stay in last year. Thought you liked that place!
  3. I wonder who that could be???????????????????
  4. Had a good time at this match again this year. Ted and Mark plus all the ROs did a great job. The stages were fast and fun! No tricks or traps. The prize table was good with 3 guns given away plus other goodies. Prize table is random draw with every shooter having a chance at a firearm! Division winners get a plaque plus cash. Hope to make this match again next year. Jim M.
  5. Had a fun and challenging match. It was not as much fun laying on the carpet in the rain but it was challenging! Glad it was our last stage of the day! Thanks to all. Jim M.
  6. Just got back from the Ark. Multigun Sectional that had a rifle only stage (20 rds min), shotgun only stage (20 rds. min) and a pistol only stage that was 32 rds min. The other 6 stages were multigun. We see this quite often so I like my magwell for both grip alignment and reload speed. Jim M.
  7. Had a great time as always. Thanks to Deb, Bruce and all the crew!! Thanks to Stag for the upper that was raffled off. Also thanks to everyone that donated to the prize table. Hope to see everyone next year. Congrats to all the winners. Jim M.
  8. Had a good time and hope to make it back next year. Thanks to all the ROs and set up crew. Jim M
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