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  1. I stuck an old Rainier Arms Mini-Comp that I had lying around on my Tacsol AR22 upper. It works great and the timer hears it every time. I wanted another but they're out of production now. Rainier should bring them back and market them for .22's and rimfire games.
  2. wrong entry

  3. 7.62, 4A/4C with a HF of 4.7244 puts me at 54.7% for Single Stack Major. I’ve got some work to do (a lot) in order to make A class this year.
  4. I haven't run it in CCP but have in a local BUG match. I've got big hands so nearly every time I go to eject a magazine, it doesn't drop free as the mag catches on part of my palm. I've carried a P2000 for duty (13 years) and the grip is just long enough for to prevent that. Otherwise, I love it as a EDC.
  5. I purchased a TacSol upper and some mags here from another member not even a year ago. It has run 100% since the day I put it on my SS frame. Admittedly, the TacSol mags are very expensive but they run like a sewing machine. I’ve tried several different types of ammo. I really like the Federal AutoMatch 40gr and the Aguila Supermax 30gr. I’ve stocked up on both and both are more than accurate enough for my local fun steel games.
  6. Both games are fun, just different. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously and just have a great time while learning and being safe. A couple of the guys mentioned shooting Limited Minor, great advice as you’ll be able to learn the game without worrying about your reloads as much. We have a couple of M and GM shooters that show up at our local match and more often than not, they just smoke the rest of us. That being said, they are usually the first ones to help or answer questions for new competitors. Also, even though they’re often shooting different divisions, it’s usually a free education on how to plan or break down stages just by watching them.
  7. I like my 5” 1911 running 200gr Xtreme bullets. For me, it’s just the right combo of soft shooting with the front sight settling just a bit quicker than my 230gr loads (prob all in my head, lol). The 4” guns may transition a little quicker (in someone’s hands besides mine) but they’re going to be snappier at the same power factor.
  8. I loaded some Xtreme 165’s over Winchester 572 (3.7g) for a fun bunny fart load that still ran a friend’s Shield. I think you’ll have more luck with the “heavies” (147 to 165) than anything lighter unless you change out the recoil spring. Those little guns have heavy recoil springs that light weight, low PF loads just won’t run/overcome.. Using heavy bullets makes it a breeze w/out changing springs. You’ll still be over 100pf but under 115pf I’m guessing. If your going to change springs, then try some 100gr XTremes and maybe some Clays. I have a recipe but it’s for 128pf.
  9. Sorry, it’s not TiteGroup but I have done some experiments with Xtreme 185 FP and 4.3g of Clays. 4.3g at 1.19 OAL gave me a 20 shot average of 743fps out of my Ford Shooters 5” 1911. Runs 100%, very flat shooting and accurate too w/a 13lb recoil spring. Makes for a fun IDPA ESP or steel load.
  10. I always used Tripp mags, never had any issues feed wise. I believe you’ll need a .140 or bit taller front sight with a Springfield cut. Call Dawson and they’ll get you squared away.
  11. I've owned one in the past and two SSC's. What would you like to know? Reloading wise they were all very picky, they all had very short throats so loading long for the heavies was out for me at that time. Otherwise they are built like vaults, very tight and very accurate. I found I liked .40 minor a lot for IDPA and steel (plus I have a nearly unlimited access to 1x fired brass at work). Just change out the recoil spring and do some experimenting. I like the slide moving and settling fast so I use Rainier 135's with a 10lb recoil spring. Very low recoil (130ish PF) and run like a scalded cat. Double taps inside of 12-15 yards are ridiculously easy (almost always within a cpl inches of each other if I do my part) and I can see the holes much easier than 9mm.
  12. I shoot VP40 for Limited, I just missed making "B" class at my very first classifier match earlier this year using my agency's very hot 185pf duty ammo. The long range standards stage killed me. I had just installed new sights a couple of days prior and didn't bother trying them out at 50yards. Big mistake.
  13. I'm shooting one as well. I'd originally purchased it several months back for CCP but the rules have changed, lol. Anyway I ran it this last weekend using Xtreme 147's over 3.9 of 572 at 1.15 OAL. Very, very soft shooting and the gun ran like a sewing machine. I have tried some 165's which were very soft too (3.7g of 572 at 1.155") but the front sight settles quicker with the 147's. I may try some 124's and 135's as well. I'll let you know. The only changes I've made are to add Trijicon HD's. I know they're pricey but they match what I have on my duty gun and I like that large dot for point shooting.
  14. I just picked up my first new Beretta since we switched from the "Burrito" 96D .40 to the P2000 11 years ago at work. I got one of the PX4 Compact Carry guns with the grey slide. It is very soft shooting to say the least. Ive only put a few mags through it but I can't wait to run it at my local IDPA match in a couple of weeks. The SA trigger is great right out of the box and DA is smooth and manageable. I do think that I'll replace the Talon grip tape with regular skate tape though. Is it worth the money? That's all subjective but I like it a lot so far.
  15. My RMR is mounted on top of a GMR for speed steel. I use this inexpensive Burris riser underneath and it's just the right height. Never any issue finding the dot. http://ads.midwayusa.com/product/439361/burris-1-2-picatinny-riser-mount-matte?cm_mmc=pf_ci_google-_-Optics+-+Scope+Rings%2C+Bases%2C+Mounting+%26+Accessories-_-Burris-_-439361&gclid=CK3C5YGLk9ACFcdhfgodtZYBaA
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