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  1. I run 9.4 aa7 at 1.165 for 169-170 pf in my middy. Binary eng 3 port with 2 poppies.
  2. Forgot to update. Can confirm that heat isn't even necessary. It's a soft metal. I just put it in a vice, used a crescent wrench, since it had smooth sides, and bent it up. It took very little effort to do.
  3. I think I'll just try throwing it in a vice and not while it's still mounted to my brand new gun lol.
  4. Nice Rafferty! Pat just built me a two tone.
  5. I've got an oxy/acetylene torch, I just wasn't sure how much heat the finish would take.
  6. How much heat are we talking to bend it? Glowing?
  7. Exactly what I was looking for. You're the man, thank you!
  8. Can anyone tell me if the ape hanger and zig racker are close enough to be interchangeable? I run a zig racker but have a bad habit of riding my thumb high and hitting it. Pics would be a definite help. Thanks!
  9. I've got lot 115 and it takes 9.8gr with a 121 mg to make 169 pf. This is out of a Rafferty Middle with 2 popples.
  10. If 9.6 with a 124 was netting you 181 PF I'd probably just start st 9.8 and work up. All of my 115 grain loads are 1.240" OAL. It takes me considerably more to get my 115s to major because I run a shorty with 3 big popples in it.
  11. I'd probably start at 10 grains and work up with 115s in your gun. I use 115 precision deltas and it takes me 10.8 to make major using a shorty with 3 big popple holes. Also ZZT is right. You'll be pushing 115s past 1450 and that's asking alot of plated bullets.
  12. Maybe I'm looking at it differently but processed brass and sorted brass are two different things for me. Processed brass, whether mixed or sorted gives me less problems while loading and shooting. Sorted brass is better if you don't want to process the brass yourself. If you have a 1050 just invest in an ammobot. With the right accessories you can process mixed brass at a rate of 3000 cph or better. I never tried justifying it financially but my time is worth a lot to me and I don't like spending it processing brass. For me, automation was the way to go. I get way more accomplished in an hour
  13. I run the exact same load as Tony, 3.2 grains titegroup under a 135 gr tc bullet from blue bullets. 1.140 was my oal. I've tried 115 and 124 grain PD jhps, 115, 124, 147 rn from blue bullets and ended up settling on the 135 Tc. It was the most accurate of the bullets tested for my S2.
  14. I've shot the rts2, DPP, and romeo 3. My SRO picks up like the older cmore slideride, very easy to find and very forgiving. The dot is very round and crisp, every bit as bright as the DPP.
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