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  1. Yeah I am. It’s a light haze. You don’t really notice it too much until you really look at it after a match.
  2. I get a little smoke on mine but nothing crazy. Part of it is my configuration. I’m shooting a shorty that has a popple in 9major. Powder is aa7. I do wish it had a blast shield though. Maybe I’ll make one....
  3. I’ve done it shooting 9 minor through a glock. Just needed something that would run it consistently without a lot of tuning. Not sure what you are using it in but I will have to say that in my experience, tg was cleaner. Not exactly an apple to apple comparison but my tg load (limited pistol) was about 3.1 with a 147. autocomp (open glock) 5 with a 124.
  4. Agreed with everyone. Repeatability is key. The consistency there allows you to develop the rhythm to go fast.
  5. I was thinking that lead flavored toast is the next big thing after Nutella! Am I alone on this?? Haha I haven’t had to do it yet but I believe there is a good following of using 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Supposed to dissolve it pretty well. Then you pick out the rest that should be pretty loose. This is stuff that I’ve read on the forums so I can’t actually vouch for it. I also know of guys who spray Dillon case lube ito the comp between courses as some preventative Maintenance.
  6. I had issues with dropping the mags freely when using ets. It seems to be hit or miss with that. Some people I have talked to have zero issues. Out of the guys that I know personally, we have not great luck with that on the ets. I have not had any feed issues with them so that is a plus. Great if I didn’t have to reload. My magpuls have been flawless for me since day one.
  7. I agree on the titegroup loadout! It was definitely my favorite load in 9mm. It’s been a while since I’ve run mine but I think I ran mine at 13lbs but I was using a glock 22 conversion to 9. Good luck and happy shooting.
  8. It helped a lot when I was shooting 9 minor. Loaded swc. I was not as proficient at calling shots. Especially when shooting at my indoor range. Lighting was not as great in certain areas so holes were harder to see sometimes. Having the cleaner hole punch was nice. It helped it stand out.
  9. +1 on the cleaner holes! Easier to see holes in the target
  10. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those to try. Tempted to pick one up just to know...unless some one can chime in on it.
  11. Hummm.... not sure. I haven’t shot my glock in a while but I’ll check them in the gauge and let you guys know. I always shot the glock in local matches and never gauged them. Just got home and gauged them. Wow. They fail horribly. Glad I never went to a major match with them.
  12. Have you used a thumb rest before? The first one I had on my glock was the pin style. At first I mainly used it as indexing for the support hand. After while shooting with it. I found that I was starting to use it more and more for recoil management. I actually broke one of the pin style. I’ve since switched to a 2011 and really use the thumb rest for recoil management. I’d still recommend doing an inspection on everything periodically for sanity.
  13. Hehe. Possibly. It was a long day of work followed by a late night trip to Walmart for a dremel and they didn’t have a lot of options on sanding bits. And an event the next day. Some could have got mixed in at some point. It was like @jerkeejoe it would have been a lot easier if I had one picture to go off of. I couldn’t find anything either.
  14. if you do it yourself I’m sure you can do it a lot better than I did. Just take your time and buy some various sanding bits for a dremel. I was very limited and in a time crunch. Take a little out at a time and check the fitment of the eye.
  15. That should be good. Let us know how it goes.
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