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  1. As a shooter I prefer to shoot only half day format matches. I hate shooting a stage in a "full day" format match knowing that it will be between 2 and 3 hours before I get to shoot again.. With my knee problems I can never get loose and stay loose in full day format. As a MD, I prefer half day matches because that is what my customers tell me they want overwhelmingly. The schedule is the schedule regardless, but I don't think one is really superior to the other on the match admin side of things.
  2. Can those of you without facebook see this? https://www.facebook.com/texas3gunchampionship/videos/1439133746196267/
  3. We are hard at work at the range. Check out our facebook page for updates from the build. A few important notes. Most of the stages include a large amount of options, so plan accordingly. You can certainly shoot the match with the provided round count, but you might not be able to shoot every stage plan. Make sure to hydrate, it has been pretty warm here the last few days. If you are allergic to ants you might want to bring whatever you take for that with you. See you on the range.... Kurt
  4. For those of you who are web site challenged.. Here is a suggested round count... Round Count Information(these are the design limits of the maximum required hits by round type, as always bring more unless you never miss, in that case bring double) (refer to rules on restrictions on types of ammo)Rifle 250Pistol 250Bird 150Slug 30 This round count assumes that you shoot the targets with the gun we expect you to shoot them with, but because we have embraced the "give them options and they will hate you, but have a ton of fun" theory, it is hard to really get closer.
  5. A few updates.. We are working hard to make this the best match yet... 1. No slings required. 2. Bring lots of ammo, be prepared for lots of rifle shots over 100 yards 3. Pray for no rain. 4. Steel, Steel, and More Steel.... Make sure to thank the awesome group of sponsors that is making this whole thing possible.. I would estimate we have about 130k for the prize table for y'all. That is all due to their generosity. https://www.tx3g.com/2018-sponsors
  6. ATV's and UTVs are allowed. They are not really needed unless you want to be more agile. You will be able to get your vehicle pretty close to each of your stages and be able to in a few places shoot multiple stages out of one parking spot. We spent some time this past weekend working on traffic flow and have a plan to keep the vehicles flowing.
  7. Just a reminder to everyone. Registration will go live on Saturday 11/4 at 1900 Central time on our web site. www.tx3g.com See you on the range, Kurt
  8. Ok, I will reach out to them though, need to figure out if they need that form from people who have ID's and base access already.
  9. When I shot this match previously we had to turn in a form with the serial numbers of the guns that we were bringing on post. I haven't seen any emails or anything with this form, does anyone have any information on it?
  10. Can we drive from stage to stage here or should I bring my buggy?
  11. Holy crap.. 10 seconds for a miss on a flying clay with pistol... DANG.. Looking forward to this.
  12. Yes, we agree wholeheartedly with that assessment. Ever since we did a property tour my mind has been going 100 mph on the great things we will be able to do from both a bays perspective and a natural terrain perspective there. I am pretty sure that almost all of the bay stages will be unlike what we are all accustomed to because of the interesting bay configurations.
  13. The 2018 X-Treme Bullets Texas 3 Gun Championship will be moving up a week this year because of Easter. The dates will be March 23rd through 25th. Registration will go live on www.tx3g.com at 1900 Central on Saturday, November 4th. In addition to that, 2018 will be an exciting year for the Texas 3 Gun Championship with some incredible changes. The biggest change will be that we are moving to a new home for the match. Copperhead Creek has provided an amazing launching point for this match, but we have outgrown the facilities. Starting in 2018, the match will be moving to Reveille Peak Ranch (https://rprtexas.com/) just outside of Burnet, TX. This move will open up some amazing new opportunities for us with fresh new open terrain and bay areas for us to utilize to take this event to the next level. If you thought it was awesome before, and who didn’t, you are in for a treat. Reveille Peak Ranch is a huge property that in addition to the ranges we will be using, has additional facilities for mountain bike riding, swimming, and hiking. The property plays host annually to the Spartan Race, where they generally have between 20,000 and 25,000 competitors and spectators in a single day. We will be taking over the range during the match, but the mountain biking side of the property will still be open and available. Reveille Peak Ranch also has multiple pavilions, one of which we will be utilizing for awards and banquets. While this is a huge move for TX3G, logistically speaking, it is a minor change for those of you attending the event. Reveille Peak Ranch is about 5 miles outside of Burnet, which is only about 20 miles north of Marble Falls. Austin is still going to be your closest airport if you are flying to the event. We look forward to seeing y'all there. -Kurt
  14. Stages... https://static1.squarespace.com/static/55a42906e4b0a6129224601d/t/58d168329f745633ea337dd5/1490118719820/2017+TX3G+Championship+Stages+Draft+3+20+17.pdf Enjoy. See y'all next week.
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