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  1. My first thoughts of my Brekke Custom PCC setup. I do not shoot pcc but I wanted an AR to practice with at work on the indoor range. Queue the 9mm pcc. I snatched up a aero epc receiver set, which is nothing special, but has a last round hold open that I wanted since it needs to mimic an AR15. I bought Brekke Customs 12.5” barrel, break and carbon fiber handguard combo. I’m running a stern bolt, a 308 buffer spring and 5.5 oz carbine buffer. Guns empty weight with a primary arms dot is 1 oz short of 6 lbs. It may not be the best combination of parts ever but i am very pleased with the results. Shooting my pistol reloads (147 BBI over 3.0g clay dot) the gun is a bit sluggish, I’m sure just a result of not having enough gas. But shooting factory ammo the gun runs soft and flat, just as good as any properly tuned 5.56 that I own. The dot barely moves while shooting. I can’t say enough good things about the customer service at brekke and the quality of product he puts out. I’m sure his comp is most of the reason this gun runs so well. I have around 1k stoppage free rounds through the gun with many more to come I’m sure. So far I have used Glock, magpul and ets mags. Glock and magpul mags run fantastic. My opinion of ets is they are junk. First time I dropped them with ammo the base plates exploded off the mag leaving guts and ammo all over the floor. The springs bind in the tube, the follower look like they’re going to flip over if you look at them wrong.
  2. Out of 10 or so various streamlights, only one has stopped working on me. A $15 aaa micro. The rest have been great. I have a new 500 lumen tlr7 , I would say borders the limit for interior use. My work gun light is 200ish , an old insight, but works well inside. Not so much outside. I’ve been told we’re getting new 1000 lumen streamlights but haven’t see it yet. Overall great products, maybe not the best , but they work well for me.
  3. Is anyone running an ALS holster with a railed 2011 with light. The closest thing I can find that might work is for a Springfield operator with a surefire x300. But I’m not to keen on wasting $100+ on trail and error. So if anyone is running a similar setup let’s hear what your using. I only want a safariland als, no hood. Want it similar to my work holster. It will be going on a qls so I can mess around on the range while at work. thanks!
  4. https://www.amazon.com/HOPPES-No-9-Lubricating-Oil/dp/B082DFQ3HF I dump these out and fill with motor oil. Haven’t had one leak yet
  5. http://www.jabuie.com/ionbond.html If you’re looking for black, ive used these guys for ionbond. Did a nice job.
  6. I agree with above. Good bullets, no more smoke than any other brand. He is also shipping fairly quick right now.
  7. http://clubcustomguns.com/ check these guys out, couple local shooters here used him. Did a good job, think it was $60 or $75 for black ionbond.
  8. Whatever works in your gun. Some guns are finicky. I use Chip McCormick power mags and factory Colt mags that came with my guns. I use metalform in my 9mm wilson, Tripp are good choices too. I have kimber tac-pros that work surprisingly well too
  9. I like the double alpha racer double stack with a spacer. Get more versatility for your money. I rarely shoot production (maybe 2 times ever) but I can quickly change my SS rig to production or ipsc standard
  10. I finish sand with some fine-ish grit 600-1000, like mentioned above, you cant even tell
  11. I have had very few magwells "drop in" my 2011 grips. I usually have to massage them a little to get them to fit right, especially metal grips. But I have no personal experience with the EGW. But I know from using their other parts, most of them are oversized so they can be properly fit. Of coarse they should not advertise a "drop in" part that does not do so.
  12. I use blue Loctite and haven't had any issues getting them out. I also switched to svi screws, they are a spline drive wrench, I think they allow you to get a little more torque when tightening
  13. I've had the same results with Taran 4mm pads, all my mags fit the gauge no problem. 10 mags, 4s and 4g2s.
  14. I posted not to long ago my findings, I was not too impressed at first but the more I shoot the more I like it. Just picked up 8lbs of Clay Dot this morning online from Widener's . Gonna experiment with that, see if it's the same
  15. Dont shoot much single stack, but I love 1911s. George
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