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  1. Does anybody have the setups for this saved somewhere other than photobucket?
  2. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/771494/ptg-interchangeable-pilot-chamber-finish-reamer-40-s-and-w-cast-bullet-optimized I have used one of these on several different .40 guns and it works perfectly for my 200gr .401 bullets.
  3. Canyon creek cuts a notch in the slide for the dovetail to drop into and it is locked in with set screws from the rear that are hidden by the sight blade.
  4. EGW ultimate (koenig hammer) + 15-17lb mainspring (opinions here vary). The EGW is VERY good out of the box, but setting the surfaces using the Power Custom stoning fixtures will bring out that last 10%. Titanium strut, plunger, etc if you feel the need are also cool.
  5. Safariland 773's for Glock 17/22 work with no mods whatsoever. Safariland 014 holster works with some tweaks also.
  6. The top one is probably a no behind the breech face any way you slice it. The standard slide racker dovetail is .360" at the bottom and ~.187" at the top. The bottom one, I would have no hesitation about doing and the middle I would probably try if it were mine. I typically do .150" deep dovetails for rackers to have plenty of engagement (EGW sidewinder).
  7. A standard throating reamer will not necessarily help if the diameter of the projectile is an issue. The SAAMI spec for a 40 throat is .4014" max, so a .401" is a tight fit with some fouling and a .4015" is basically a no go. SAAMI specs attached. The vast majority of chambers and chamber checkers are made to these specs, thus the problems with lead projectiles. 40 SandW.pdf
  8. SAAMI specs attached. The vast majority of chambers and chamber checkers are made to these specs, thus the problems with lead projectiles. 40 SandW.pdf
  9. SAAMI spec for 40 S&W throat diameter is .401" so a .401" bullet barely fits, let alone if it is .4015". The cartridge was designed for jacketed bullets with a diameter of .400" I have started reaming all of my chambers with this reamer: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/771494/ptg-interchangeable-pilot-chamber-finish-reamer-40-s-and-w-cast-bullet-optimized I have done 4 chambers and my chamber checkers and it has eliminated all the problems I have had with my .401" 200gr cast bullets.
  10. I have used a Shooting Chrony Beta and a CED Prochrono I have lined them up and used them both at the same time and they are always withing 5 fps of each other. One is not consistently higher or lower, it just varies. The important thing I have found is to use them in the SHADE. Direct sunlight gives CRAZY readings. Yes, tripod is a must.
  11. I have a Tac Sport in 40 that I have been shooting for the past two years. It has been a great gun and I have ridden it up to my current "A" classification in Limited. That said, I am currently building an STI in 40 from the ground up. Which one I will stick with long-term has yet to be decided.
  12. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/319414/mec-gar-extended-magazine-base-pad-2-optimum-series-magazine?cm_vc=ProductFinding i bet those would work if your mag has a plastic base pad.
  13. I am currently running my in-progress STI in the white. High polished surfaces are much more resistant to corrosion than the blasted surfaces they have when they arrive from STI. Stay away from silicone-based lubricants, etc they can contaminate later finishing. I wipe the exterior surfaces with gear oil because it is a little thicker and stays better. I have considered throwing some spray paint on it, but I don't think it will be an issue.
  14. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/771494/ptg-interchangeable-pilot-chamber-finish-reamer-40-s-and-w-cast-bullet-optimized I have used this reamer on four different 40 barrels and it works like a dream. I cast and size 200gr 40 cal bullets to .401 and a lot of STI chambers are way too tight for this setup. This reamer fixed all the problems I have had.
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