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  1. I paid $350 for a RIA 4 years ago to get in SS for fun. I added about $300 in parts. I have never had a malfunction and it shoots great. A year ago, I won a RO in a match, put a drop in trigger kit and a mag well. It has ran flawlessly as well. Once I switched to SS, I've only been back to limited a couple times. So, I have. A s#!t ton of rounds through my SS guns.
  2. I shoot ny friends max and I thought the trigger was garbage. I can't stand external extractors either. Too many problems with a gun I owned in the past makes me baulk at them. Other than that, the gun seemed decent.
  3. What this guy said. I've bought 4 and they run great in every gun. About 2.5lbs pull without messing with anything.
  4. +1 for the Brazos kit. I dropped one into my RO for a 2.5lbs trigger. Just have to trim the thumb safety As with any trigger kit.
  5. Like others have said. 17lbs mainspring, 14 recoil spring. I hear the max trigger is garbage, but you should be able to get it where you want it with some cleanup or better, new internals. I use a Brazos trigger kit in all my guns. You may need to take your gun to a gunsmith if you use any trigger kit, to fit your thumb safety. I do my own, but all the filing sucks.
  6. 4 years ago I picked up a base model RIA 1911. I didnt start shooting it till a couple years ago, but I have not needed anything since. I made A with it and it has been 100% reliable from the start. I added a dawson magwell and run dawson mags. Edit: I payed $350 for it...
  7. I can't answer what they use stock, but they are pretty heavy. I run a #17 main spring and a #9 recoil spring. That setup works great for me.
  8. The definition of sweeping is not the rule. The rule is "Allowing the muzzle of a handgun to point at any part of the competitor’s body during a course of fire." This is sweeping yourself. Can argue it if you want, I'm telling you what NROI has taught me and has been won in arbitration already.
  9. 10.5.5 Allowing the muzzle of a handgun to point at any part of the competitor’s body during a course of fire (i.e. sweeping). This was pointed out to us at a CRO class. It's the competitor's body, not the ROs. Sweeping is just an example, not the rule itself. There have been RO sweeping arbs won because of this. Is it right, no, but sweeping the RO is not DQable.
  10. What exact issue are you having? When I first started loading mollys I had feed issues, but was informed that I didn't have enough crimp. Different cases have different wall thickness and that makes it seem random. You should be crimping enough to put a line in the molly, but not enough to go through the coating. There is a measurement, but I can't remember it at the moment. If you crimp too much, you can cause the molly to bulge at the crimp line and cause a failure as well. Also, with a 2011, load long to get ride of feeding issues. With mollys I'm at 1.180. With jacketed I'm at 1.200 Hope this helps Also, yes, you will need more powder for long loads. I use to run N320, but switched to WSF and WST for cost and availability.
  11. For what it's worth, they were on Brazos tuned mags.
  12. When I started I used mollies for practice and plated for matches. I messed up and ran out of plated one month so I ran the mollies. I havent ran plated since. 2 nationals and many level 2s with blue bullets now.
  13. Like above, the Brazos kit runs great in mine. You'll more than likely have to have the thumb safety modified, but there is a good chance you'll have to do that with any kit.
  14. I use to use grams but after 3 cracked, I wanted to switch. Couple friends of mine run dawson's and the pins were always breaking in theirs. I also didnt like the larger profile. So, I bought taran's. I'll never use anything else now.
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