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  1. Lots of clubs. check USPSA and the IDPA websites for clubs. My wife's cousin runs this club https://www.pscshootingclub.com/
  2. What bullet diameter and what brass? The dies didn't change.. I've got well over 400K on my 550.
  3. Yes, except the G17L and the G24...
  4. Did your rounds plunk test ok in that gun?
  5. If you are shooting local matches, then it really doesn't matter.
  6. Uh, IPSC rules versus USPSA rules?
  7. Sight radius for competition? IDPA/USPSA, the average shot is between 3 and 12 yards. No real difference. And if you run Carry Optics, it's target focused, it has nothing to do with sight radius.
  8. The G19 is not a choice for competition. A G17/G34 is your fist best choice for USPSA/IDPA/Steel Challenge and 3 gun
  9. If you have never shot an IDPA match before, let alone any competition, then an aftermarket trigger or sights will make no difference. What you need is the fundamentals: stance, grip, sight picture and trigger control. Any, and all Glock models, are legal for SSP in IDPA.
  10. If you try to put a Gen 3, or earlier slide, on a G19 Gen 3, or earlier, it will lock up the gun. Aftermarket barrels have a different lockup
  11. dsk, Gen 3 and earlier doesn't work. Don't know about Gen4/5 because I have no Glocks newer than 1996...
  12. You can't put a G17/G34 upper on a G19. Totally different lock up. Here's why. G17 left, G19 right. Doesn't work, not even close.
  13. IPSC was 1975, Steel Challenge was 1981, USPSA was 1985, but IDPA was not until 1998.....
  14. Sometimes you get a flake of powder jug sealant paper stuck in the powder bar. That's usually what causes a sudden huge drop in weight because it takes up the extra volume.
  15. Not allowed Appendix D4 Production 21.4, same for Carry Optics. Grips • Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are allowed. Replacement grip panels are allowed provided they do not extend below the butt of the gun to form a make-shift magwell.
  16. 9x45


    What powder, what OAL?
  17. Send? by mail? This isn't the Cowboys, just download it... https://uspsa.org/documents/rules/2019_USPSA_Competition_Rules.pdf
  18. Can't seem to find any IPSC only matches, run to IPSC rules in the US. Does anyone know of a club that runs that?
  19. Well then it's not an IDPA match. So it should be called Uncle Bob's action pistol match that knocks off the IDPA using "some" of their rules. Unless the club is listed on the IDPA website, it's not an IDPA club! So don't call it an IDPA match! IDPA depends on membership dues and club listing dues.
  20. I've used the Prezine for the last 25 years. Used to be $12, they are now $21. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/grip-parts/grips/grip-adapter-magwell-for-glock--prod20944.aspx
  21. Not per IDPA rules, 8.5.1 Non-Permitted Holsters (Non-Inclusive list): A. Cross-draw carry B. Shoulder holsters C. Small of the back carry D. Appendix carry E. Pocket carry Even if the gun is non standard, the holster rules still apply. 8.2.10 Specialty Divisions (SPD) C. All other IDPA equipment rules apply for holsters and loading device holders as well as their placement on the body. Match Directors also have the option to allow junior shooters with .22 rimfire firearms to begin strings at low ready in lieu of requiring a holster. The match director does not have the authority to allow that. If he does, then it's not an IDPA sanctioned match.
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