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  1. I submitted an on line ticket with a picture and 14 days from submittal to email from Dillon providing me with tracking number. Given everything that is happening that is not unreasonable
  2. From day one on my 650 I used the IF roller handle. Top quality works great little to no effort to use. Then I had a chance to try the Dillon aluminum roller. I liked it better because I felt it gave me a more tactile feel when seating the primer. The IF was too smooth, just too easy. I still use the Dillon and sold the IF roller to a friend for use on his 550. I dont believe they sell the Dillon plastic handled roller anymore but if they do I would not buy it. I had one on my 550 and because the handle is triangular in shape I always felt for a flat as I used it, annoying to say the least.
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