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  1. From day one on my 650 I used the IF roller handle. Top quality works great little to no effort to use. Then I had a chance to try the Dillon aluminum roller. I liked it better because I felt it gave me a more tactile feel when seating the primer. The IF was too smooth, just too easy. I still use the Dillon and sold the IF roller to a friend for use on his 550. I dont believe they sell the Dillon plastic handled roller anymore but if they do I would not buy it. I had one on my 550 and because the handle is triangular in shape I always felt for a flat as I used it, annoying to say the least.
  2. That was ok for it's time this is so much better http://entirelycrimson.com/ECPMQD.html
  3. Check out their light https://reloadinginnovations.com
  4. Well as of now the flammables cabinet is the best bang for the buck. They run $500-700 depending on the model. The shelves are rated around 350lbs. Need to look at surplus equipment supply store for used. I will also check into local sheetmetal companies making me a steel cabinet
  5. I have one sheet 3/4 plywood on mine and it works fine no flexing at all. Bench is mounted to wall and where press is mounted bolts go thru 2x4 boxing put in place under plywood when I determined where press would be located. I dont use a strong mount. My bench height was built to allow me to sit when reloading on the Dillon. I stand when reloading shotshell on the Ponsness. I highly suggest the Dillon aluminum roller handle as it is round. Their plastic handle is triangular and gave me a callous and it just never felt right. I also owned the Inline Fabrication ergo handle but it was just too smooth when seating primers and just did not give me the tactile feel of the Dillon aluminum roller. All suggestions are my preference and others will have different opinions
  6. File cabinets are too small and would require too much space. The same can be said for old freezers and refrigerators. Stationery cabinets just can't do the shelf weight without major retrofitting. A flammable cabinet will need more research to see if it will work. I was not looking to have to bend over to load and unload a "steamer style" job box. The Knaack has merit but at $1200 I did say reasonable. The Fastenal cabinet is similar to others I have seen but at $1400 it fails the reasonable test. Maybe a local sheetmetal shop can build me something similar for less. I will have to inquire. I guess reasonable is under $700
  7. Looking for ideas on ammo storage at a reasonable cost. It must be lockable but not necessarily fire resistant. I am not interested in file cabinets, old freezers/refrigerators, jobsite boxes nor cheap stationary supply cabinets. I would be storing shotshell by cases, ammo cans for rifle and pistol plus 50 round ammo boxes. Adjustable shelves are a plus but not a requirement as long as the fixed shelves are high enough for ammo cans. I currently use a gun safe but it is full and it really is not designed for optimum storage of ammo. I need more space. Thanks
  8. weldon20

    Red Dot

    I have the Allchin on my 929 with the Burris FF3 attached directly to the mount. I dont have the weaver/picatinny riser like you have. That riser should remove from the Burris dot. The Allchin is made to accept the Burris and other similar type dots as it has several bolt patterns on the base for different brand dots. I have the Weigand like yours on my 617 with a cheap Simmons dot which is round and not tombstone style like the Burris.
  9. weldon20

    Red Dot

    Go with the Allchin mount https://www.allchingunparts.com https://www.allchingunparts.com/products/smith-wesson-mini-sts-scope-mount-new
  10. Dillon crimp and seat dies and powder funnel in 9mm. Dillon powder die and 2 tool head stands. EGW undersized 9mm die in 9mm. Now I have a complete 9mm set up for my G34 and one for my 929. I just give my wife my list with all the links to the webpage via email and Santa brings it Christmas Day,
  11. Owned a 550 for 21 years. Sold it 3 years ago and went to a 650. The 550 is awesome, great press. I wish I had bought a 650 sooner though. Smooth and with the case feeder FAST! Follow BeerBaron's advice order the 650 without the case feeder. The extra $130.00 you will spend for the 650 over the 550 is worth it. I guarantee that when you are able to afford the case feeder you will purchase it. IMHO the 650 is the way to go, maybe not for a newb but you are not a newb and have experience with auto indexing on the SDB.
  12. My IDPA revolver was a S&W 686 SSR. My ICORE revolver is S&W 929 with a Burris Fastfire 3 dot. Because of the dot I get added to open class for USPSA so it is not worth shooting it with a dot on it for USPSA. I just shoot the G34 for USPSA and IDPA instead
  13. I dont have the strong mount but it fits with everything else you list. Based off my set up it will fit with the strong mount but most likely will not cover it
  14. Just call it motion control grease http://www.polysi.com/polysidampinggrease.htm
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