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  1. 130-132 is right where I make my ammo. The ZR guide rod with 13lb Wilson 1911 flat spring 5" full size is the spring I'm using in the 4.5" PDP FS. No problems at all so far with this setup.
  2. The Q5 uses the same mag as the PDP compact but the PDP full size uses a longer magazine than the Q5. The Q5 magazines are too short to use in the PDP full size (FS)
  3. I feel the recoil in my hand more with the PDP FS, but I get a better grip on the PDP FS than the Q5 SF. I use the 2 round extension on the SF to get a better grip because the grip is just too small for my hands. I really like the grip feel of the PDP FS. I hate to change guns in mid season but the PDP FS feels better than the Q5 SF to me. I'll try a couple matches and see what I think. I have an OverWatch trigger coming, and a Walther Dynamic Performance trigger coming. I'll install them when I get them and see which trigger I prefer.
  4. I use a second rod. It makes it easy to install un captured springs
  5. It's just nice to be able to adjust them anywhere you want them. They are ball mounted. you can adjust them while wearing the belt.
  6. easy if you use a second rod to guide it. This is the only way I do it.
  7. DAA Alpha-XiP Pouch. Set them up any style, right hand, left hand, on a ball rotation so any angle and tilt. They really are great. Not cheap 42.95 each or 3 pack for 122.00, but you'll love em.
  8. I run a Q5 Match SF now. I just got a PDP full size 4.5 too. I put the Overwatch red return spring (4.99$) in and the trigger feels great. getting the belt rig put together now. I have dry fired with the PDP but havent shot it yet. How do you think the PDP compares to your SF in competition?
  9. You might want to read this article about 9 major. Life is all about decisions. https://americanhandgunner.com/discover/whats-9-major/
  10. Is there an etiquette or norm to post or not post the classifier stages on Practiscore for an all Classifier match?
  11. https://chpws.com/product/walther-defense-slide-optic-milling-upgrade-program
  12. 124 plated tumbled out of my SF. Coated bullets worked fine but I don't like the smoke. I use jacketed 124 now. They are very accurate. I have tried 147's and they shoot fine, but I prefer the 124's.
  13. Again no fails to extract, failure to feed in thousands of rounds now. The post above https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/ https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Flat-Wire-Recoil-Spring-5-Full-Size-Chrome-Silicon-15-Lb/productinfo/614G15/ use the 15 or 13lb spring. I prefer the 15.
  14. yes. Guide rod https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/ and 1911 flat spring https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Flat-Wire-Recoil-Spring-5-Full-Size-Chrome-Silicon-15-Lb/productinfo/614G15/ I did this a couple years ago. I have never had a jam or failure to feed since in thousands of rounds with 130PF ammo 124gr.
  15. RMR Jacketed 124gr bullet with American Select powder.
  16. Still the Q5 SF performs well for a OEM barrel against an awesome KKM precision barrel that's .31 inches longer.
  17. Sighted it on a 2" white dot sticker at 15yds. Hits good at 7yrds and 25yrds.
  18. https://www.zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/ https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Flat-Wire-Recoil-Spring-5-Full-Size-Chrome-Silicon-15-Lb/productinfo/614G15/ these two should take care of your jams at any power factor, and help with your slide locks.
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