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  1. For how much of a "game changer" this was supposed to be, I haven't really seen many reports on here. Not saying this is good or bad...just had expected to hear more feedback. Anyone else shot theirs yet?
  2. I installed this today into an Odin Zulu and quickly realized the combination wouldn't work due to the secondary buffer spring collapsing we'll before the magnets release. Does anyone have any experience deleting the Zulu's secondary spring, with a spacer of some sort? Or perhaps picking up a pistol buffer tube, but then I don't think I'll get the length of pull I'd want with the Zulu shoulder piece.
  3. Yep- as Nick said, Amazon. Think the putty was like $15 and the shot was $20.
  4. So far so good. I saved maybe an 1/8" of space at the bottom to fill with epoxy, so there's a good structural layer of epoxy guide the mags in.
  5. Yeah, always effective but I feel where this really shines is in CO classes, where we can't just stick a fat brass magwell on where the weight is more effective.
  6. ~$35, so no more than a typical brass slug.
  7. Saw a post by geraldskip wondering how to get more weight in the gen 3 Glock grip so I thought i'd post what I did. I was able to get a little over 5oz flush fitting in my gen 3 glock 17 grip. Previously had a 2 ounce grip plug in it from Dawson. I bought tungsten putty and tungsten shot (for the higher density) and mixed them together. Then lined the inside of the grip with a thin layer of epoxy, and shoved it in. Once inside the tungsten putty allows it to mold to the backstrap shape. Added a little more epoxy after insertion to lock it in. Once cured, sanded the epoxy flush and painted. Can't even tell it's there unless you really look, and the shape of it acts as a small magwell. Don't have any pics of finished product but do have a couple of the in progress. Could up the weight even more by increasing the ratio of tungsten shot to tungsten putty.
  8. Can't seem to post here for some reason...i'll make a thread.
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