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  1. I know people say not to reload aluminum cases. After trying I'll agree that it's not worth the effort due to split cases. I wondering if NEW aluminum cases would be different? I'm looking for new cases due to two scenarios. The first is while I was shooting a match I swear that if they had let her, one of the shooter's partners would have been catching my brass out of mid-air with a butterfly net. When I said something I got a surly "we reload..". My response was "So do I and I'd like a chance to pick up my own brass." The second scenario is the 'lost brass' matches w
  2. Where can I find more info on this class? I checked the range website and didn't find much.
  3. Thanks for the replies but I finally got it in and looking at the marks on the frame I wonder if the factory had it installed correctly. My single sided safety has a hole all the way through the shaft, The top 75% or so of it is drilled wider than the other 25%. The plunger of course is wider at the top than the bottom to match the hole in the shaft. What was throwing me off was that the plunger wouldn't easily go into the wide part of the hole and have the narrower part stick out on the other side which in the end is what I got it to do. I had to fiddle with it with it almost on until not on
  4. I have a steel EAA Witness. To do a little extra cleaning before putting it away for the season I took out the sear assembly. Now that everything is nice and clean I can't get the safety to click back into the frame. It seems that the plunger and spring on the safety prevent it from snapping back in. I tried pressing it in while toying with the safety but no luck. Without the plunger it will go right in, with and without the sear assembly. I tried installing the safety without the sear assembly but it won't go in. The spring that you need to move is 'moved'. Has anyone dealt
  5. I put in Wolff springs. No improvement. I attempted to tune the lips and all I got for my effort was that I broke the lip on one magazine. Little improvement on the others. Of the 4 mags the one that works the best is the broken one? The slide rams the round into the top of the chamber at about a 45 degree angle for rounds that are in the middle of the magazine. My local gunsmith who unfortunately for me has retired, said that it's probably the magazines and to try different manufacturers. I bought the pistol and magazines in 2011. Has anyone had any good luck with o
  6. Update: Mec-Gar replied with an offer to exchange the mags however I will pass on that for now. After attempting to use this weapon at a competition a few years ago, it became a hanger (safe?) queen due to the problems. I've fired several rounds through it in the last few days and unfortunately all of the mags have similar issues, both the Mec-Gar and Para mags (which are also made in Italy so they're probably also Mec-Gar). They all go to slide lock with one round slightly forward, and all have FTF in the 'middle' of the mag. Suggestions?
  7. I have a P14.45. The para mags work flawlessly no matter what the bullet profile is. The two Mec-Gar don't; no matter what the bullet profile.. The two Mec-Gars have identical issues. Both will go to slide lock with one round fully seated still in the mag every time. The other issue is that somewhere between 3 and 9 rounds in the mag, the round will not feed all the way in and the gun jams. Rounds 8. 7. 6...will do this and then for the remainder the gun will load until it goes to slide lock with one round left. I tried Mec-Gar but they didn't answer.
  8. I reload on a Dillon RL550. I came across some Ammoload 9mm brass that has the step inside the case when reloading this morning. The case stops almost 1/8 inch short of going all the way into the sizing/decapping die with normal pressure on the lever. Has anyone had good success in resizing this brass? For now it's going to the scrap bucket. Maybe if I get a couple hundred I'll adjust the dies, reload them, and then shoot them someplace where I don't pick up brass. I have a place in mind..I swear that if they'd let her, there's a woman who'd run around with a butterfly net catchi
  9. M&P Pro 9: When reloading, the slide will often go forward on the reload, but not always. I like that when shooting in a competition. As near as I can tell it's not always the same magazine. I'd like it to do that every time. Any suggestions?
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