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  1. Thanks for the reminder to be appreciative. This is a great point, and I should sell the 34 while prices are up.
  2. I appreciate all the advice! I’ll try to convince her to shoot it again to get some video, but not sure I can handle the look when I tell her again to grip the heck out of it. She actually made it through a competition with the subcompact and saw that she needed something easier to line up. She says the 34 is making her wrist hurt. I suspect she just wants a Shadow or some other steel frame. I also suspect I’m looking for an excuse to buy some brass mag extensions and mag well so I just have to keep the Glock for myself. Everybody needs a backup gun, right??
  3. Hopefully I’ll eventually be able to offer help instead of just asking for it, but here again. Just traded my wife’s XD9 SunCompact for a G34 to give her a chance in competition. Went to shoot yesterday and she wants to trade back. Can you fine folks help me figure out all the ways to reduce felt recoil on the Glock? She hated it so bad she withdrew from this weekends competition. We tried 115 gr she was used to from the xd, and 147 gr subsonic and she couldn’t feel any difference. I’d like to get the Glock where she can enjoy it, but maybe should just find something else and make anothe
  4. Thank you! I did luck out and score a few hundred 9mm for .20 a piece, almost like the olden days.
  5. Thanks, Sarge! I really appreciate the specifics there, feel like these will help a lot. Getting a plan together and executing didn’t happen even when I tried to stay conscious of it. Hope it was just the first time jitters!
  6. Only two?!?! That’s tough! Thanks all. Watching now, the movement stands out to me too, and the draw looks really weird, shoulder coming way up. While shooting the match I really noticed the importance of planning the stage and sticking to it, that was a piece of advice from the RO too, after seeing me struggling, and not walking them like I should. The main takeaway that keeps coming back to me though, is that the shooting the target part seems like it will just come, keeping aware of that grip, front sight/target, trigger squeeze. Getting up the speed though... seems like a lot more
  7. Helped with everything from setup to tear down and didn’t DQ, so reached my goals! Now that I’m starting the path to mediocrity it would be awesome to have some (all if anyone has time) of the bad habits brought out to help me develop a practice plan. Bug bit me bad, folks, bit me bad... Of course I want to post all the stages, but I’d bet the mistakes are the same throughout. Got great advice at the match, tried to incorporate, but felt like it got more difficult as the day went on. Could have been that 106 real feel, that’s a good excuse.
  8. Resurrecting old thread because I searched for “costume”. My wife and I were talking about showing up to our first match in full Fallout regalia, also in GA.
  9. I’ll have to bring this thread back. Just wrote EAA, will report back on whether they sell me the larger charging handle from the competition model. Coming from an old 870, this gun has impressed me. No perceptible recoil while shooting, although I feel it now that it’s been a couple days. Took it out for my first time skeet shooting and it just couldn’t seem to miss. Put maybe a hundred rounds through it and it performed perfectly. Will update as I roll through mods and when it fails on me.
  10. I did read up before buying anything! Did not read enough though. I was really interested in 3 gun, so pretty much loaded up for limited or tac ops? I think those are the ones. Now that I’ve looked into the matches actually happening near me, it looks like I’ll be doing mostly pistol stuff close by, at least until winter when everyone is willing to spend more time outside setting up courses. I think I’ll be able to shoot production with the m&p I picked up, but might have to download to 10 rounds? Or just shoot the 45 since I can’t find any ammo for the 9mm anyway. Nope. Didn’t read
  11. Thanks for the welcome! I guess at this point it’s try to find some ammo and get to a match.
  12. I also wondered if those clubs around J Ville were active. Good to know!
  13. Greetings folks! Great to be here! Looking forward to learning from everyone, and there seems to be plenty of good information to be found. Having never even seen a competition, any advice is welcome. Be helpful, be friendly, be early I’m ready to do, but the gear and technique are easy to get lost in. I guess I didn’t really need to get three new guns just for competition... But my AR was 300blk! And who wants to dump a classic Wingmaster in a trash can?? It’s not even worth talking about slinging 45 down range so I had to get a 5” 9mm... Now where to find the money for the little th
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