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  1. I have the HS503GU. It has circle dot with a 2moa dot and 65moa circle or can be switched from circle dot to just a plain 2moa dot in seconds. Some of my friends prefer the 6 or 8moa dots on some of the other sights for faster target acquisition but, I prefer the circle dot of the Holosun for fast target acquisition and a third of the weight of an Eotech! I have also never had an issue with the dot not being bright enough. To each his own but, for the money the Holosun circle dot is a great sight!
  2. Try Different magazines. It sounds as though the feed lips may be a little long and are not releasing the rear of the cartridge early enough for it to chamber properly. The length and/or shape of the feed lips (tapered, flared, etc.) will make a difference depending on what bullet you are running. Try RN bullets and see if that is different.
  3. Fusion Firearms makes one for 9mm. i think they are around $45. they are the only company i could find that makes them for 9mm. Haven't ordered one yet but, fully intend to.
  4. Great Match! Most fun you can have with your clothes on! Can't wait!
  5. Love my Versamax Tactical!! I run a Roulette Tactical +2 cap for Tac Ops and a +9 Nordic tube with +2 Roulette Cap for Open. Opened the loading port myself, had Jeff Cockrum weld the lifter and I installed competition spring package. I've ran about 4000 rounds through it and the only problem I've had has been the breaking of the carrier dog. 3 TIMES!! I finally replaced with Benelli parts and haven't had a problem since! Sure I've had the occasional failure to feed and/or failure to eject but I've seen the same problem with many other shotguns and I believe that it is either ammo or maintenance related.
  6. Has anyone heard anything about 3 Gun Nation Regional matches for 2015?
  7. There is no such thing as recoil control! only recoil management! once you accept this fact and build a strong foundation then you can progress!
  8. Had a great time! First time shooting a shotgun match and i enjoyed it tremendously!! Shot with a great squad!! Will definitely be back next year!!!!
  9. Hey Charles - What will be the max distance for rifle that we should expect to shoot?
  10. Yeah, fun weekend! Really enjoyed the Multigun in Huntsville! Next time I'm leaving the Bourbon in Knoxville though!!
  11. i wonder What will the max distance on rifle target be? Does anyone know?
  12. The Versamax tactical is a great platform that does not need much modification to be competitive. i thought about sending mine to benny or Jeff C. but the cost seemed to outway the benefit, I removed the barrel clamp to improve slug accuracy and can now hit an 8" steel plate @ 50 yds consistantly. I opened and beveled the loading port myself, Jeff C. welded the lifter, a definite necessity when using load 2 or any other loading technique as far as that goes. I added a Matchsavers and will be adding a "roulette" +2 cap as soon as it gets here but, It has ran all ammunition that i have fed it, flawlessly, all year! It does not need any other mods. I thought about getting the bolt lightened or the trigger worked over but It runs as fast and accurate as any others out there and when i'm running it, after the buzzer rings, i never notice the trigger! I was told that i should replace the hammer and hammer spring with Benelli parts but i haven't seen the need yet. I have only had one light strike and i've run at least 750 rounds throught it. A friend has replaced those parts and has seen the same performance as i have. 1 light strike! It seems the more i ammo that i run through it the better and smoother it runs!! My Versamax is a WORKHORSE!!
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